Top Above Ground Pool Lights Reviewed

Since the beginning of time, man has found ways to harness light and make their nighttime activities more fun. Lighting up the pool area is no exception. Inventors have found ways to make your nighttime pool fun last long into the night.

We know that deciding on which set of above ground pool lights to purchase is not going to be easy. That is why we have put together this handy review. You get all the information you need to make an intelligent decision.

We do our best to help point you in the right direction, so you do not waste your money. If you want to find out which lights are the best above ground pool lights, then keep reading. Being informed is the only way to go shopping.

best above ground pool lights review

Don’t Know What Above Ground Pool Lights Are

These lights work with those pools that are not sunk into the ground. They light up the area, so you can enjoy your pool at all hours of the day or night. They are designed to work with water so there is no need to be afraid of accidents.

They are powered by batteries, transformers, and electric plugs. A simple flick of the switch and the dark areas surrounding your pool disappear.

The Benefits of Above Ground Pool Lights

There are some great benefits to installing above ground pool lights, other than keeping your party going all night. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • They help keep the bugs away
  • They increase safety
  • You can watch your children better
  • They make your backyard look better
  • They provide a romantic atmosphere

Our Review of the Best Above Ground Pool Lights

1. Intex LED Pool Wall Light 

INTEX LED POOL WALL LIGHTHaving limitations does not mean it cannot be the best above ground pool light. This unit does not work with those above ground pools that have metal walls. But that doesn’t stop it from lighting up the area to make your pool a safe place to be.

This above ground pool light comes with a 23-foot power cord and a transformer. No need to worry about low batteries. Just plug them in and you have light anytime you want.

The LED lights are made to last a long time without using a lot of energy. Also, if they are knocked off their base, they will not sink to the bottom of the pool. They float so retrieving and replacing them is not a difficult task.


  • No batteries
  • They float
  • Durable and LED powered

  • Their limitations
  • No on/off switch

2. LEDMY Led Strip Waterproof Led Light 

LEDMY Led Strip Waterproof Led LightYou do not have to go with individual lights. You can light up your pool with strip lights that are 196 inches long. These lights cover a lot of area with their waterproof construction and they provide up to 50,000 hours of light.

Installation is very easy. These lights come with everything you need to put them in place properly. The kit has the tape, glue, and clips so the do-it-yourself handyman in your family will have them installed in no time.

Their versatility makes them a very attractive purchase. They can be used underwater or outside the pool. You can light up every area you need for complete pool safety. The 3-year warranty means you get a worry-free purchase.


  • Flexibility- can be used anywhere
  • 3-year warranty
  • 50,000 hours of light

  • Power supply sold separately
  • Can be fragile

3. Qoolife Submersible Led Lights 

Qoolife Submersible Led LightsIf you want convenience, then these remote-controlled lights are for you. No need to find a switch or the plugin, just push a button and they turn on or off. Also, if you do not like the idea of running power cords, these lights are battery powered and last for 10-12 hours.

You can dim or brighten these lights, switch to three different color modes and use 16 static modes all with the push of a button. Don’t like the color, don’t worry. It will change quickly enough.

Each light comes with 10 LED bulbs for long lasting illumination. They can be used inside or outside the pool. They go just about anywhere you need to cast more light.


  • Can be used anywhere for any event
  • Up to 16 different colors
  • Remote controlled

  • Battery operated
  • Remote control is not waterproof

4. Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light 

Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater LightThis unit is designed to work underwater. The good thing about this light is that it uses halogen technology to illuminate your pool. This means you do not have to purchase a lot of them to light up your pool area.

Everything you need comes with this light. The kit includes an extra-long cord, 12-volt transformer, and an instruction manual so you can install the light correctly. Another plus is that it will not interfere with your water filtration system.

The unit meets all UL and ETL standards, so you know it is safe to use. Replacing the bulbs is not difficult either. This light only requires two small 2-prong halogen bulbs. These are easy to find at any hardware store.


  • Halogen technology
  • Meets all standards for pool use
  • Includes manual for easy installation

  • No on/off switch
  • Plastic construction material

5. HOMOGOSubmersible LED Lights 

HOMOGOSubmersible LED LightsThis waterproof above ground pool light comes with 10 LED lights, 16 static modes and 4 color changing modes. You can set any atmosphere you want with these above ground pool lights

These lights run on batteries for up to 10-20 hours, using only 3 AAA batteries. Of course, the batteries are not included.  One key feature is the flexibility that comes with these lights. You can use them just about anywhere- your pool, at weddings, aquariums and much more.

Being battery operated means you leave a smaller environmental footprint. Also, these lights come with a risk-free 12-month warranty. If that is not enough to convince you to buy them then the fact that they are remote controlled may.

Convenience has a way with changing people’s minds.


  • 10-20 hours of illumination
  • 4 -color changing modes
  • Flexibility- can be used anywhere

  • Poor seals
  • Dim lights

6. STARFISHSubmersible LED Lights

STARFISHSubmersible LED LightsAnother battery operated, remoted controlled above ground pool light for your consideration. It also has LED bulbs, a choice of 16colors and 4 color changing modes. They are also waterproof for better protection.

You can attach these lights to just about any surface with its 4 suction cups and can be used in or out of the pool. The remote control makes operating these lights simple and easy. You can turn them on or off from just about anywhere in your yard or house.

All it takes to light up your pool or backyard are three AAA batteries. One word of caution. Just make sure you tighten the caps before using. You do not want to let water ruin your special night or party.


  • The different functions
  • The convenience of remote control
  • Flexibility in use

  • Quality control issues
  • Can’t be put in water for long periods of time

LED, Halogen or Incandescent Bulbs

As you can see, the best above ground pool lights come with a variety of bulbs. They all do the same job effectively. But if you want to make a smaller environmental impact, lower your energy bill and save money then the LED units are the way to go.

Incandescent bulbs are being phased out due to their energy inefficiency. LED technology has advanced so much that the bulbs last longer and use less energy. They are the go-to bulb when light duty calls for durability and long light life.

Another advantage in the LED favor is the color versatility. The color changing modes are built in their hardware making color changing issues a thing of the past.

Some Final Words

As convenient as battery operated above ground pool lights are, we prefer the ones that operate off a 12-volt transformer. The hassle of changing batteries plus the worry if they have enough power overcomes the convenience.

You may have to hide the cord but in the long run, these versions make the best above ground pool lights. You can always wire in a switch if you do not like having to plug/unplug the lights every time you need to use them.

The LED light models have an advantage over any other bulb alternative. Not only are they energy efficient and save you money, but the ability to program features into them also put them above any other version.

The best above ground pool lights are those with the LED feature. You can have that romantic mood or the party atmosphere while still leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

You may not like our choices for the best aboveground pool light but that is okay. You now have the information you need to find the one that fits your lifestyle.

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