The Best Plug and Play Hot Tub Reviews

A plug and play hot tub works with a simple setup plan: You just set up the hot tub, fill it with water and then plug it in. Allow the hot tub to heat up for a few hours and the setup should be ready to use.

It is a very simple item to have in your home. You don’t have to spend lots of time getting a hot tub installed onto a complicated electrical setup or to link it to an outside water source either. This all works provided you can get it plugged into the right outlet and that you add water through a nearby hose.

You must look at how well a plug and play hot tub can work for your entertaining needs. You need to find a model that is easy to set up and fill with water while also offering enough space and comfort for you and anyone else who wishes to use the hot tub.

This guide will provide you with details on how to use a great hot tub. We have looked through many hot tubs and have found some choices that will fit in perfectly with your demands. These include choices with multiple jets, heating features and controls.

Product Reviews

  1. Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Hot Tub Spa – Comfortable Jets All Around

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Hot Tub SpaStart your search with this comfortable model from Lifesmart. This unit is designed with room for four people. Each corner includes a seating surface with jets positioned along each of those seats. A sandstone Sahara shell is built with a bright body that is easy on the eyes. The sandstone color is consistent on the outside and inside parts.

The twelve jets around the hot tub are spread out well around its body. The jets can be adjusted based on how they move about and project water. Individual jets can be turned on or off as well.

The 1.5 hp pump moves water along well and allows the water to stay calm and consistent all the way through. This allows everyone to stay relaxed while in the tub.


  • The four seats are contoured well
  • Comes with sturdy cover with matching brown tone
  • Air valves work on both halves of the tub


  • Takes a bit for the filter to be cleaned out
  • Light on the inside is not very strong


This hot tub comes with a body that adds a relaxed look and gives you enough jets for keeping people comfortable. The design has seats for four people and offers an enjoyable time for all.

  1. Hudson Bay Spas 4 Person 14 Jet Spa – Keep the Heat Going For a While

Hudson Bay Spas 4 Person 14 Jet SpaHudson Bay takes pride in making its plug and play hot tubs in the United States. The design on this hot tub comes with fourteen jets laid out along four seats. Three jets are on each seat while an added jet is on each of the two ends on this model.

The 110-volt hot tub comes with a ten-foot power cord. It also uses a digital control panel for your convenience.

The white shell features spray foam insulation inside the keep the water inside the tub warm and gentle. The mocha brown exterior pairs up well with the white inside.


  • Gentle lights come out of select jets
  • Filter easy to access
  • Does not use much energy


  • Middle part might be too deep for some people
  • Filter gets jammed up quickly


This Hudson Bay hot tub uses a convenient design for adjusting how water comes out and how warm the water will be. It offers more room for many people and adds a comfortable setup for each person to relax with.

  1. Essential Hot Tubs SS125210300 Newport 14 Jet Tub – Jets Spread All Over

Essential Hot Tubs SS125210300 Newport 14 Jet TubThe curved seating design on this third choice provides people with a surface that provides anyone with the opportunity to rest and relax on the surface. This is a 14-jet model from Essential Hot Tubs. The design comes with a control pad on the top with a few drink holders located nearby.

The fourteen jets are spread on the sides of the tub, on the seats and even on the bottom part where a person can relax one’s feet.

The large body of this hot tub can handle about 200 gallons of water at a time. The jets can move all that water quickly and will heat it up to create a comfortable surface for everyone to relax with.


  • 1.5 hp pump moves water quickly
  • Filter does well with handling all that water
  • Enough leg room for each of the four people inside it


  • Not many lights
  • Takes a bit for some jets to shut off or turn on


This Essential Hot Tubs model provides you with a good surface that adds a relaxing tone all the way through. The gentle design of the hot tub lets you relax in style.

  1. Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Tub – Inflate and Enjoy

Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable TubNot all plug and play hot tubs work with hard bodies. This Intex Pure Spa tub uses a six-person design in a circular body.

The 170 bubble jets through the tub are smaller in size than traditional jets. These move throughout the body of the tub to provide a gentle massaging motion.

The three-ply laminated surface adds a strong body. An insulated surface keeps the heat inside the unit from being lost too quickly.


  • Pump offers fast speeds for comfort
  • Simple control makes it easy for you to control the temperature of the water
  • Even space throughout the inside


  • Takes 20 minutes to inflate and longer to heat up
  • Difficult to store or maintain


The inflatable design of this hot tub is very different from what you might expect out of a model, but the layout here provides you with a good surface that makes it easy for you to enjoy a relaxing evening.

5.American Spas AM-630LM – Comprehensive Jets For All People

American Spas AM-630LMThe last option to review is this five-person, 30-jet model. This uses a titanium heater that conducts heat quickly and does not lose power fast.

The water filter uses ozone bubbles coming from a separate power cell. The design keeps the water clean as it moves around the inside of the tub.

Each of the jets can be adjusted based on how quickly it will dispense water. The directional controls make it easier for you to control how the water produces a massaging sensation.


  • Consistent heating medium
  • Motor operates quietly
  • Jets respond to adjustments quickly


  • Jets are not even on each seat
  • Control panel hard to read at times


The layout of this spa gives you a good setup for relaxing and controlling how well you are massaged. The gentle jets provide you with warm water while offering enough room for many of your friends within a well-insulated body.

What to Look At When Finding a Plug and Play Hot Tub

Be sure when finding a plug and play hot tub that you look for a model that includes all the necessary features that may be of value to you. Let’s look at some of the specific points that must go into a hot tub you want to buy.

Physical Surface

The physical body needs to offer a full insulating surface. The body should keep the heat produced within the tub inside, thus keeping it from having to use more energy just to keep the water comfortable.

Most of the plug and play hot tubs you will find come with hard bodies with sturdy foam insulation. You may also find some inflatable models with thick bodies that keep the air on the inside from leaving. Such inflatable units would take a bit of time to set up and inflate though.

How Many Jets?

The jets around your hot tub are the units that force water pressure around your tub. Jets are items around the body of your tub that allow water to move out. The jets can be placed around many parts of your tub, but they work best when they are spread out evenly around the surface of the tub. This is to provide everyone with the massaging benefits that come with a hot tub.

Some jets create vibrating motions where they emit warm water in multiple directions or angles. A jet will move back and forth to create a massaging feeling. Other jets may be adjusted based on how intense the water that comes out of them might be. In other cases, a jet can be turned off altogether while other jets in a space will keep on working.

Heating Points

A heater must be utilized in your hot tub for it to provide people with a comfortable space. A heater will take in the water that moves through it and warm it up to a gentle temperature. You can use a control on your hot tub to adjust how warm the water will be.

Control Points

Check on the control panel on your hot tub. Sometimes you might have a digital control pad where you can set a precise temperature for your tub or turn certain jets on or off. Some controls let you adjust how the jets produce vibrating motions.

Energy Usage

Depending on the model you get, you might have a plug and play hot tub that can handle 110,120 or 240 volts of power. Your plug and play model works best when you can simply take a plus and insert it into a power outlet.

Filtration Support

The filter inside your hot tub should be strong enough to handle anything that moves into its body. A filter will collect the water that goes through the hot tub, keeping what comes out of the jets clean and comfortable. The key here is to ensure that the filter is strong enough to collect leaves and other items that might come through. You would also have to clean out the filter regularly so it will keep on working and not clog up quickly.

Pump Points

The pump on the hot tub is the unit that moves water through its body. The pump needs to be strong enough to allow the water to move around. It must also heat up the water through the power produced by the electric connection. This keeps the water relaxed and comfortable, but it also takes a bit for the water to become warm and to stay that way.

The pumping power is measured in horsepower. Expect to find a 1 or 1.5 hp pump in your tub.

Power Cord

Look at the power cord that comes with your hot tub. The cord should be long enough to lead to an appropriate power outlet that your tub is compatible with.

Adding a Cover

A cover may be added to the top part of your hot tub. A cover will have to be secured on all the corners of your tub. Many tubs come with covers made specifically with certain models in mind. You can also find some universal covers, but they might not work as well as something designed for a specific tub.

Final Verdict

Each of these hot tubs is great for your use, but the best choice to find is the Hudson Bay Sprays 4 Person tub. This choice has a great design with enough jets moving around its surface to produce an even amount of air and water around your body. The added insulation around the body of the tub keeps the water comfortable without leaking out too, thus adding a relaxing tone you are bound to love using.

But no matter what you choose, you will find an appealing plug and plug hot tub that fits in perfectly with your relaxation and entertaining needs. Look around to see how well one of these hot tubs will work so you can enjoy something worthwhile for your entertaining desires. Each hot tub on the market will provide you with an enjoyable surface and space for relaxation that is unlike anything else you might find.


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