Getting the Best Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Your above ground pool deserves the best possible protection during the winter season.

It would be a challenge to move that pool off of your yard, what with the pool being so heavy and requiring an intricate installation process.

But the good news is that you can get an above ground pool winter cover ready to keep the pool from freezing up or experiencing damage during the winter.

But you have to watch for what you’re going to get out of such a cover.

Best Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

The best above ground pool winter cover will work well for your protection needs, but you need to make sure the cover you order fits in right for your use.

You must watch for how well you can install the cover and that the model will last for a while.

What To Consider First

You must look at a few helpful points when finding a great above ground pool winter cover. These points are all valuable aspects relating to the design of the cover and how you can get the unit installed.


Start by looking at the size of your pool. Review how large your pool is based on the circumference of the pool.

Most above ground pools are circular in design. You will probably measure from one end of the circle to the next. For rectangular pools, you can measure each side. The cover you buy should come with enough room to go over the entire surface of the pool.

Installation Setup

Take a look at how well the unit can be installed. You must look at how well the cover is laid out with grommets and cables.

Grommets are included around many covers to help you secure the cover around the body of the pool. A series of cables may be included with your pool to fit around the grommets. Such materials should be sturdy enough to keep a tight fit around the pool. A winch may also be included for tightening and securing everything, although not all models will offer such a material for your use.

The cables may be made with sturdy vinyl and solid and thick rope materials. Check on how well these are built and that they are flexible enough to bend down and secure when you’re going to store your pool cover for later use.

Also, you may add some heavy sand bags or other supports to keep the cables secured to the ground after adding the cover over your pool, although whether you need to do that will vary based on the cover model you have.

Mesh or Solid?

You will find both mesh and solid pool covers. A mesh cover is designed with a light weave that allows rain, snow, and other very fine items to enter the pool. Meanwhile, leaves and other larger items will not fall into the pool.

The mesh design should be light in weight and be easy to install, but you must watch for how you maintain it. You will have to take the cover off of the pool as early as possible so you can clean out the inside of the pool. You must clean it off to prevent algae or other items from developing.

A solid cover is different as the material is a little tighter in its intensity. This is heavier in weight and may not fold up as well while in storage, but the cover will keep water and snow from moving into the pool. You will have to watch for how well the cover fits while also brushing items off of the top of the cover to keep the unit from wearing out and collapsing from all that weight.

What Is the Material?

Take a look at the material that the cover is made out of. Some covers are made with polyurethane or vinyl materials. Such items are popular for being suitable for outdoor use while handling the sun’s rays well. Polyester materials and canvas compounds may also be included.

Sometimes a cover may be two-sided. One side will be used for display purposes while the second is for adding insulation over the inside part of the cover.

The bottom part should be capable of adhering itself to the water under your pool if you plan on keeping some water there. The bottom should affix itself there to keep the cover from blowing around when it is windy out.

Look At the Overhang

The overhang refers to the approximate amount of feet that the cover will hang over the pool when installed. You can wrap up the overhang and allow it to fit around the ends of the pool when you are done adding it. The grommets and cables for your cover will fit around the overhang when it is folded up well.

The overhang not only adds a good fit around the pool but also produces a seal that keeps the sides of the pool from staying open. The risk of debris entering into the pool will be reduced. You must still check the inside on occasion to confirm that the pool is not leaking anything.

How Can It Control Sunlight?

You must see how well your cover can handle UV rays. Such sun rays would cause the inside of your pool to wear out. The UV rays can cause some surfaces to warp or crack among other premature aging-related issues.

A solid cover is more likely to offer UV protection. But other models may still allow some rays to move through depending on how light the cover is.

Keep the sun out is critical for your cover. You need to keep the sun from getting into the pool so you will avoid the risk of algae developing in your pool. The excess sunlight that gets in may trigger functions that cause the algae to develop within the pool.

Can Bars Go Over the Cover?

Some bars or straps can be applied over your cover in some cases. These include safety straps that can handle hundreds of pounds of weight. The feature is optional, but this adds extra support to keep pests and heavy precipitation from possibly causing the cover to collapse.

What Is the Warranty?

Many pool covers are designed to last for a few years. The companies that make these covers will offer warranties that guarantee a cover will last for that period. You might find some basic covers that offer five to ten years of protection and therefore warranties of the same length.

But some models can also come with warranties of twenty years or greater. These covers would feature thicker builds.

Maintenance Points

There are also some extra maintenance points that should be used on your above ground pool winter cover regardless of the model you choose:

  • Be sure to pump out and replace the water in the pool regularly. You should have water in the pool even when it is covered. The water should be high enough to where the cover can rest on its body.
  • You do have the option to allow the pool to stay empty during the winter if you wish. But if so, you must pump out the water on occasion. Check under the cover regularly to see if anything has built up in the spot.
  • Brush off the cover when needed. You must keep the excess weight from foliage and other items from building up.
  • Check the fasteners or other securing items two or three times a week.
  • Look at what you can do when filling in any holes that might come about. Some cover models offer replacement patches that are easy to apply, although each cover is different based on what you can use for covering a patch.
  • You should take the cover off of the pool around the late part of the winter or the early part of the spring. Review the weather conditions in your area to determine if the weather will get a little warmer.

Best Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Reviews

Now that you know what to get out of an above ground pool winter cover, you can look at a few particular models. Let’s see what great choices are available for your use right now.

Note: Be aware of the layout of your pool when choosing your cover. Some of the covers listed here are designed with very specific types of pools in mind.

1. Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year Round Above Ground Pool Cover

Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year Round Best Above Ground Pool Winter CoverYou can start by looking at this Blue Wave Bronze pool cover. The cover is available in seven round sizes from 12 to 30 feet. The cover is a few extra feet in size to allow for the proper materials around the ends of the cover. The overlap prevents stretching or ripping from developing as you install the cover.

The Blue Wave cover is a UV-protected cover that can persist even when direct sunlight gets onto its body. You can also get this added on top of the water to keep the inside walls of the pool from being damaged. The cover will be supported by the water on the inside.


  • Easy to install
  • Not too heavy
  • There is enough of an overhang to keep the cover secured right

  • Can be punctured by ice
  • The cable might become too tight if not handled properly

2. Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover For Round Pools

Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Pool Cover For Round PoolsYour next choice is available in eight round sizes from 12 to 33 feet in size. You can also order this in one of seventeen styles with versions based on the color you are using, the weight of the cover, and the approximate warranty. Each model is fully solid and will not allow moisture to move through.

The heavy duty polyurethane surface on the cover will weigh from two to four ounces per square yard depending on the model you choose. The design will stay on the pool well with an overlap of about three feet all around.

The self-edged binding helps you keep the cover secure over your pool in moments. The design keeps the cover from potentially slipping off or wearing out too fast. You can even use the winch and cable that come with the cover to secure it through the grommets included on its body. The top part is also UV-treated to keep the sun’s rays from moving through.


  • Offers a sturdy body that will not tear up easily
  • Comes with a cable for securing
  • The warranty lasts for at least eight years

  • Some models are a little thinner than others
  • The grommets may be tight to ring around some pool models

3. Pool Mate 5724-4 Sandstone Winter Pool Cover

Pool Mate 5724-4 Sandstone Winter Pool CoverPool Mate also makes its winter pool covers with many sizes in mind. This choice comes in eight sizes for round pools from 12 to 33 feet. Each cover has a polyurethane body to keep the weight under control.

The Sandstone cover provides you with a cable and winch setup for getting the cover added over the pool. The materials work alongside the body of the pool to produce a firm fit that is easy to work with.

The heat-sealed seams on this cover produce a better body that will not let in lots of moisture. The seams ensure that there is a proper seal, thus keeping algae from being as likely to develop in the pool as it could be with other cover models.


  • Does well with covering a pool even during an intense blizzard
  • Offers a thick body
  • Can keep dirt from entering into the pool

  • Can be heavy in weight
  • May overstretch if you try to fit it on too large of a pool

4. Swimline 24-Foot Round Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

Swimline 24-Foot Round Above Ground Winter Pool CoverOne of the more interesting parts of this Swimline model is that this features not only a useful round body but also an air pillow that helps to create a proper closing seal. That is, the pillow will keep the cover from being likely to move off of the pool. The unit will adhere itself to the water inside the pool, thus keeping the pool from possibly leaking.

UV inhibitors are included around the top part of the cover. The inhibitors will keep annoying UV rays from being a threat to the pool.

Polyethylene is utilized to produce a thicker body. The material offers a greater tensile strength to keep a good design going. The ratchet and cable system uses a vinyl-covered cable that will maintain its strength throughout the winter season. The risk of the cover tearing apart or experiencing fatigue for any reason will be minimal thanks to this quality setup.


  • The laminated surface adds an extra bit of protection
  • The cable system is easy to apply
  • You can add or remove new cables to the setup if needed

  • Does not generate much of an overhang
  • Does not last as long as most other models

5. Sunsolar Winter Mesh Pool Cover 18×38

Sunsolar Winter Mesh Pool Cover 18x38You should also look at how some pool covers are made with oval bodies to fit larger pools. This 18×38 model from Sunsolar is one such example. The cover uses a mesh surface that does not tear easily. The four-inch overlap works with enough room for securing itself along the ends. A cable and winch tightener is included with this cover.

84 cover clips are included as well. The clips are placed around the main body of the cover to create a better surface.

The surface will also last for years to come. Sunsolar offers this cover with an eight-year warranty, thus giving you enough time to enjoy what the cover has to offer.


  • The mesh carefully allows rain and snow to move in
  • Sunlight is not at risk of entering into the pool thanks to the thick design
  • Easy to identify which end of the cover you are using when installing

  • Heavier than most other units
  • The metal grommets are spaced relatively far apart from one another


Our choice for the best above ground pool winter cover is the Pool Mate 5724-4.

This is a useful model that adds a comfortable body for your use while keeping algae and other items from being as likely to build up. The simple installation and large overhang on this model make it a necessity for your use as you aim to get the most out of a pool cover.

You should look around well no matter what your needs for a cover may be. The best above ground pool cover is always one that not only fits over your pool but also offers the proper coverage and security that you need for keeping your pool safe during the long winter season.

Be sure you find the right choice that fits in for all the particular needs you have when getting a great pool cover ready for the long winter season. You will enjoy how well your pool will look and feel when spring come along and the pool season comes again.

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