Make Your Summer Fun and Exhilarating By Bestway Above Ground Pool

Above-ground pools have become a feasible option for people who want to enjoy the soothing feeling accredited to swimming or relaxing in a still body of water. If your home has no swimming pool or if your pool has become unusable due to maintenance or contamination issues, then your best option for outdoor aqua-leisure activities is the Bestway Above Ground Pool.

bestway above ground pool reviews


It is not unusual for summers to be accompanied by scorching hot weather that can make outdoor activities very brutal. While the obvious solution to this inconvenience is to remain indoors, but now it is possible to be outdoors, under the sun and still enjoy the brightness that accompanies the heat.

This is precisely what a Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool offers as it ensures that you are able to spend your day basking in the sun while also protecting you from the intense heat.

Bestway Above Ground pool parts are convenient to assemble, and maintenance of the small swimming facility is more straightforward than conventional swimming pools because the pool set can be disassembled when the summer finally ends and a pool isn’t needed.

There are different variants of the pool set available with each one having specific features that make it stand out amongst the others. If you are interested in purchasing an above-ground pool for your home, then any of the four variants described in this Bestway above ground pool review is your best bet.

Bestway Above Ground Reviews

  1. Bestway Power Steel 24′ x 12′ x 52″ Rectangular Frame Pool Set — JUST AS FUN AS AN IN-GROUND POOL

The Power Steel 24′ x 12′ x 52″ Rectangular Frame Pool from Bestway bears a striking resemblance to a conventional in-ground swimming pool and also exhibits many of the latter’s features sans the high cost of its maintenance.Created principally for luxury, the pool set can accommodate about a dozen people without them crowding the makeshift aqua-facility making it perfect for homes with large families.

Bestway Power Steel 24' x 12' x 52" Rectangular Frame Pool Set


Distinct features of the Bestway Power Steel 24′ x 12′ x 52″ Rectangular Frame Pool Set include – a reinforced steel frame that is built to be very sturdy and durable, a laminated pool liner that is soft and grey, a blue tile print interior as well as white copings.

The side walls of the pool are coated with PVC and polyester to secure the water within and keep swimmers in. Since it is also incorporated with flow drain valves, you can always replace stale water with fresh one anytime you want. Other important tools that accompany the pool set are a 52-inch ladder, a filter pump, maintenance kit and an instructional DVD.


  • It’s large enough to accommodate about a dozen people
  • Since it’s shaped like a conventional in-ground pool, there isn’t a drop in the quality
  • It is very durable and can remain functional for several years
  • Despite being able to deliver quality experience that is similar to conventional pools, its maintenance is actually less cumbersome


  • Drainage and filling can be quite a tiresome task
  • Assembling and dissembling the pool set is very laborious.
  1. Bestway 56393e 24′ x 52″ Power Steel Frame Pool Set — THE PERFECT POOL FOR LARGE FAMILIES AND SMALL PARTIES

This sturdy, above ground pool facility, gives a certain feel that is usually experienced by those that frequent large community pools. Capable of accommodating over a dozen people effortlessly without being overstretched, it is the ideal frame pool set for homes with large families.Although the 56393e 24′ x 52″ Power Steel Frame Pool Set is known for its robust size, it is the sturdy build, which improves the durability of the product, that makes it a valuable swimming pool facility to have in a home.

Bestway 56393e 24' x 52" Power Steel Frame Pool Set


The principal feature of the pool set is its solid steel frame that guarantees its integrity and reinforces the security its occupants. Composed of an oval-shaped steel tube that arches all through its diameter, the Bestway 56393e 24′ x 52″ Power Steel Frame Pool Set is a haven during the warm summers, that provide relief from the irritating warmth.

Its capacity of over 12000 gallons ensures that one can engage in numerous fun water activities that are initially intended for an in-ground swimming pool. Other features that are unique to this revered Bestway product include a sand filter pump, a 52” ladder, and a ground cloth.


  • It is enormous and sturdy
  • It is quite durable since its frame is made from steel
  • It can house a large volume of water, which is necessary for certain water activities.
  • It is equipped with a sand filter


  • Filling up the pool may take some time
  • Assembling parts can be a cumbersome task
  1. Bestway 16” x 48” Above-Ground Power Steel Frame Pool Set — A POOL SET THAT IS FIT FOR A KING

Shaped like a giant cubic bathtub, the Bestway 16” x 48” Power Steel Frame Pool-Set is a practical blend of robustness and compactness. While from afar it may convey the appearance of a more extensive outdoor Jacuzzi, it is still quite spacious and can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people.Reinforced with a rust-resistant frame that is made of steel, the sidewalls of the pool are also padded with three extra layers to increase its strength.

Bestway 16” x 48” Above-Ground Power Steel Frame Pool Set


Apart from its 16” x 48” steel frame, the pool set also boasts of remarkable features like a pump, a 4-ft ladder, a pool cover, ground cloth, and of course, Coleman filter cartridges numbering up to six.


  • Its compact size makes it possible for it to be used in moderate-sized yards
  • Its pump mechanism is much more effective when compared to the competition


  • Its size may limit the number of people it can accommodate at a given time
  • Its capacity also limits the amount of water activities that can be engaged in it.
  1. Bestway Steel Pro 18′ x 48″ Frame Pool Set — PROTECTS YOU FROM THE HEAT AND ALSO BEAUTIFIES YOUR YARD

The Bestway Steel Pro 18’’ x 48″ Frame Pool Set perfectly merges a sturdy build with an aesthetically pleasing design, which not only makes it very appealing to the eyes but also resistant to wear and tear. Though its composing frames are made of rust-resistant metal, the bordering walls of the pool are reinforced with heavy-duty polyester and PVC.Although it is smaller than the 56393e 24′ x 52″ variant, the pool is still able to comfortably accommodate a family of about 8-10.

Bestway Steel Pro 18' x 48" Frame Pool Set


Apart from its main composing features, the Bestway Steel Pro 18′ x 48″ Frame Pool Set also comes with other important components like a ladder, ground cloth, a 1500 gallon filter pump, and a pool cover.


  • It is quite compact and can fit in a small yard
  • Its PVC and polyester components make it very easy to assemble
  • Filling the pool is less tedious than other variants


  • It is more prone to physical damage
  • There is a limit to the number of people it can accommodate


FAQ About Bestway Above Ground Pool 

  1. How to use Bestway repair patch.

Answer: Clean the patch area. Then you peel off the back of the patch. Then you attach the patch to the tear area. Wait for about 30 minutes before inflating the pool again.

  1. How to Bestway pool vacuum.

Answer: To vacuum the pool, you must first remove leaves and other debris from the pool using a rake or a skimmer. Turn on the pump and allow water to run through the filter. Attached the vacuum head to the vacuum hose. Lower the vacuum head into the pool and keep the vacuum head under water until the pool is completely drained. Stand at a position to see the bottom of the pool clearly.

  1. How to use Bestway pool filter.

Answer: The pool comes with a clamp. Connect the hose to your filter pump and pool using the clamp.

  1. How to drain Bestway pool.

Answer: To drain the pool, you would need to unscrew the outer valve cap and connect your adapter to the hose. You would then proceed to screw the valve of the hose adaptor to the valve cap.

  1. How to set up Bestway Pool.

Answer: The bestway pool is easy to set up. two people can set this pool up without a sweat. It is advisable to take out the parts to make the process easier. Clear the area you intend to set your pool. If you have a pool mat, carefully lay it on the area. Spread your pool out and straighten it out. Inflate your ring. Connect your pool to your water source and fill it up. when the water is 80% full, your pool is ready.

  1. How to clean Bestway pool.

Answer: You can clean the pool with mild liquid soap. You can shock the pool occasionally. You can also use brush and vacuum to clean the pool.

Final Verdict

There really isn’t any valid argument against the use of a Bestway Above Ground Pool during summer months. Although none of the variants exhibits great superiority over the others, the ideal pool-set for every buyer is mainly dependent on the conditions in each of their homes.

Simply put, a pool set that may be perfect for one individual may ultimately ruin the yard for another.

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