4 Helpful Bestway Pools Reviews and a Brief Guide on Finding Ones That Fit Your Demands

Bestway has become a popular name in the pool industry for how the company produces attractive and useful pools for many uses. Today you can find numerous above-ground pools from the company that provides you with a relaxing space to enjoy the summer in.

But as you look for Bestway pools, you have to watch for what you are getting out of them. The options that Bestway offers are attractive for how they are easy to set up and maintain while also coming in an assortment of sizes.

bestway above ground pool reviews

You will have to look at many Bestway above ground pool reviews to see which is right for you. Bestway’s steel frame pools are sturdy and offer plenty of appealing features, but there are all different from one another in many ways and must be compared as such.

You will see four Bestway power steel pool reviews in this report. Each option is appealing in various ways. You will also come across answers to many of the questions you might have surrounding your pool and how well it works.

Bestway Power Steel 24’x12’x52” Rectangular Frame Pool Set

BESTWAY POWER STEEL 24′ X 12′ X 52″ RECTANGULAR FRAME POOL SETThe first of the Bestway Power Steel pool reviews to look at entails one for this extended model. The sturdy rectangular frame comes with six supports with twelve prongs on each long side and three supports with six prongs on the short sides. A ladder can be affixed onto one of the corners. A few small ports can be found on one long side for help with getting water to pump through space.

The frame is designed to handle about twelve people at a time. The water moves well within the pool thanks to the strong pump and filter. The bright blue tile print on the inside adds a classic touch that people are bound to enjoy relaxing along.

Polyester and PVC are used on the side walls to keep the water on the inside. The flow drain valves make it easy for you to remove the old water from the pool and to refill it when needed.


  • Large enough for parties
  • Stays in its place well
  • Easy to remove and replace the filter cartridge
  • The included ground cover adds extra protection to the pool

  • Not easy to move from one end of the yard to another
  • Takes a while to drain and fill

Bestway 56393e 24’ x 52” Power Steel Frame Pool Set

BESTWAY 56393E 24′ X 52″ POWER STEEL FRAME POOL SETThe second choice to see here is this circular set. The steel tube framing is arranged along the circular pool to add a comfortable surface. The tube adds an appropriate border for the pool to keep it intact.

The 52-inch depth of the pool makes it enjoyable for many members of the family to enjoy. You should have enough space for around a dozen people within the pool.

The extended space within the pool has enough room for about 12,000 gallons of water. The sand filter pump ensures the water will keep on moving along the surface without wearing out quickly.

The ladder on the side comes with a large platform to make it easy for people to transition from the surface to the pool and back again. The steps are also wide enough to give anyone a simple and sturdy grip without possibly slipping while climbing in and out.


  • The steel frame does not break apart easily even when you add all that water
  • The pump works fast throughout the entire body
  • Even placement of metal supports on the outside

  • Water can flow out of the pool quickly through the top area
  • Not intended for small children

Bestway 16’x48” Above Ground Power Steel Frame Pool Set

BESTWAY 16” X 48” ABOVE-GROUND POWER STEEL FRAME POOL SETYour next choice for a pool is this square-shaped pool. The 16-foot sides on the pool are bolstered by four two-pronged supports on each side.

The steel frame resists corrosion and rust. The drain valve offers a gentle amount of support for moving water out of the pool. Three layers of coverage are used on each end of the pool to create a sturdy surface.

The Coleman filter cartridges that come with the pool are versatile enough to handle many pumps, including the one that the Bestway pool comes with. The cartridges can run on 1,000 and 1,500 GPH filter pumps alike.

A rope is included on this pool to keep the legs in the same position all the way through. The rope helps with keeping the legs sturdy while ensuring nothing slips while using the pool. The simple assembly adds a good touch to the pool that makes it convenient for anyone to use.


  • Light in weight at around 320 pounds
  • Thick wall materials resist damage
  • The ground cloth applies well along your yard and protects the surface
  • The connectors and clips are easy to review during the installation process

  • The ladder feels too short
  • Limited size offers not enough room for many people

Bestway Steel Pro 18’ x 48” Frame Pool Set

BESTWAY STEEL PRO 18′ X 48″ FRAME POOL SETThe last of the Bestway pools to see is this steel model that comes with a bright blue appearance. The attractive look of the pool makes it ideal, but the extended 18-foot diameter allows this circular pool to offer more space. You can get about eight to ten people to fit into the pool on average.

The PVC and polyester surfaces on the walls keep the pool from leaking. The rust-resistant metal on the frame adds to the pool’s protection.

A 1,500-gallon filter pump is included on the pool. This works with filtration cartridges that are easy to clear out and replace as demanded.


  • Offers plenty of room and yet has a small footprint attached to it
  • Sturdy exterior keeps the pool from leaking
  • Fast-operating pump

  • Slow to fill or drain
  • Requires extensive cleaning on occasion
A Few Important Points About Bestway Above Ground Pools
  • Be sure you use the repair patch if needed.

Bestway pools come with repair patches to help you fix up any leaks you come across. To use a repair patch, clean off the area that needs to be patched and then peel off the back part of the patch. Affix the new surface to the leaking area and then wait for 30 minutes before adding water into the pool. The patch needs time to adhere itself to the side of the surface.

  • Look at how well the pool vacuum works on your Bestway pool

A quality vacuum should be used accordingly on your Bestway pool. A vacuum will help clear out small bits of debris.

To use the vacuum, you would have to remove the leaves and other large bits of debris from the pool. After that, let water move through the filter as the pump is on. Link the vacuum head up to the hose and then add the head into the pool. Keep the head under the water until the pool is drained. The process should help with clearing out smaller items that are not always easy to find.

  • Look at how the filter works on your pool.

The pool filter should have a hose linked to its body to clear out unwanted outside items. A clamp that comes with your pool can be used to connect the hose to a filter pump.

  • Be sure to drain your pool on occasion.

A regular draining of your pool is needed once a week or so to keep the water fresh. You can drain your Bestway pool by unscrewing the outside valve cap and then by linking an adapter to a hose. The valve on the adaptor should be screwed to the valve cap.

  • Always review the proper instructions for getting your pool set up.

You can install a Bestway pool with one or two other people if desired. The pool has to be cleaned out at the start. After that, the pool can be straightened out alongside your pool mat. Inflate the ring for the pool and then link the pool to a water source so it can be filled up.

The pool does not have to be filled up all the way for you to use it. Keep the pool filled at about 80 percent capacity for the best results.

  • Always clean the pool regularly.

Give your Bestway pool a regular cleaning to keep it comfortable. The cleaning may entail a process where you shock the pool and use a brush and vacuum to clear it out.

A Final Verdict

All four of these Bestway above ground pool options are worth trying, but we have found that the Bestway 56393E 24’ x 52” round pool is the best choice to have. The simple design of the round pool and its extensive body make it a good choice worth trying out. The ability of the pool to keep its shape intact even while used extensively makes it a hit as well.

Regardless of what you choose, you will find that Bestway has some of the most appealing pools you can use in your home. Try out any of these options and you will find that it is not tough to get something fun and entertaining added in your yard.

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