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Stuffy air, suffocating heat and sunburns- you guessed it, soon it will be summer again. Due to extreme weather changes all over the world lately, summers can be torturous to suffer through. There are many ways to beat the heat, including the usage of air-conditioning, various oscillating fans, and many others, but these methods may bring adverse effects, such as climate change and a pricey electricity bill. Nonetheless, there is a more straightforward way to make summers more bearable- that is, getting a swimming pool.

blue wave pool reviews

For many families, inground swimming pools may not be a suitable choice for their lifestyles, as getting such a pool involves a painfully long building process and high expenses. Fear not, however, as a cheaper and a more convenient alternative exists- that is, above ground pools. With tons of competition in this market, it can be difficult to differentiate the better brands from the poor-quality ones. Blue Wave above ground pools are immensely popular among families, so here are three Blue Wave Pools reviews to help you make up your mind.

1. Blue Wave Belize Pool

Product Details:

– The first product is Blue Wave Belize Pool. Being a pool with a length measurement of 41 inches (approximately 104cm), a width of 21 inches (about 53cm) and a height of 52 inches (approximately 132cm), Blue Wave Belize Pool would be perfect for families to cool off during the summers.

Blue Wave Belize Pools

Review Heading:

– This product was chosen because it’s a popular choice among families, and because it is perfect for a quick dip or even swimming practice.


– This pool set comes with a liner, pump, and a sand filter system and an A-frame ladder, so buyers would not have to search for additional Blue Wave pool parts to maintain the pool condition.

– This Blue Wave swimming pool is also fit for outdoor use, as proven by the galvanization coating on its walls, preventing corrosion.


– However, many buyers have noted that despite the seemingly detailed Blue Wave Belize Pool instructions, the Blue Wave Belize Pool installation was extremely hard to build, even with many helping hands.

Buyer’s Guide:

– While buying this product, it would be worthwhile taking into consideration the amount of space one has in one’s backyard and choose a pool accordingly.

– This pool has the length and depth enough for one to practice swimming in, but it is definitely not a pool for professional swimmers.

2. Blue Wave Zanzibar Pool

Product Details:

– The second product that we will review is the Blue Wave Zanzibar Pool, which has a length of 41 inches (approximately 104cm), a width of 21 inches (about 53cm) and a height of 52 inches (approximately 132cm), the same size as the Blue Wave Belize Pool.

Blue Wave Zanzibar 21-Feet by 41-Feet Oval 54-Inch Deep 8-Inch Top Rail Metal Wall Swimming Pool Package

Review Heading:

– This Blue Wave above ground pool was chosen for its sizing similarities with the first product. This pool is also a popular choice among families and serves to be perfect as an outdoor pool.


– The difference between both pools is the material and the thickness of the top railing and upright support. In both aspects, the Zanzibar Pool is thicker. Due to the Blue Wave Zanzibar Pool’s increased upright support and railing thickness, the pool could be said to have increased safety measures as compared to other models, and will not topple or break easily due to bad weather or prolonged use.

– As with the Belize pool, the Zanzibar pool is also coated over, and is resistant to sunlight, rain, and corrosion, ensuring that users will be able to use the pool for years to come.

– In the unlikely event that the Zanzibar pool breaks or does not function well, there is a 25-year warranty for its buyers, guaranteeing its users peace of mind after purchase.


– Like all good things, however, the Blue Wave Zanzibar Pool is not without its shortcomings. There are Blue Wave pools complaints about it being complicated to set up, taking upto two days to install, even with a group of people to help out.

– It is also quite heavy. It weighs 1,273 pounds (approximately 577kg) and is near impossible for a small family to carry and assemble. Hence, it would be advised to gather a group of volunteers before starting construction of this pool, or else it might take a long time for families to install.

Buyer’s Guide:

– As mentioned before, the area that the pool will be installed in must be taken into consideration, and the purpose of the pool must be consistent with the characteristics of the pool.

3. Blue Wave Samoan Pool

Product Details:

– The third and last product we will write about is the Blue Wave Samoan Steel Pool. Unlike the other pools before this, which are all oval, the Blue Wave swimming pool is a perfect circle, the circumference of which is equivalent to 27 feet (approximately 823cm).

Blue Wave Samoan Pools

– The Samoan Pool is also 52 inches deep (about 132cm), and hence is wide enough for relaxing with more than just a few family members.

– Blue Wave Samoan Swimming Pool differs from both pools above in some aspects, namely in its top railing material and thickness, buttress support and linen material. These pools have top railings made of eight inches of steel. Lastly, Samoan Pools have no buttress support and have blue linen.

Review Heading:

– This product was chosen to be reviewed as it offers different sizing options and purposes as compared to the other pools.


– The Samoan Pool set arrives with an A-framed ladder, a sand filter system, and proper instructions to set up the pool, so no extra Blue Wave pool parts need to be bought.

– Like all Blue Wave above ground pools, Samoan Pools are also coated to ensure that it won’t be corroded or affected by the sun.


– The cons of this pool, however, are that it is likewise difficult to install, but some users have mentioned that it is easier to install than other pools.

– Besides that, the pool only comes in one color – grey- so it would not be too aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Buyer’s Guide:

– While this pool can be used for family members to spend time together, it is not suitable for swimming practices.


In conclusion, Blue Wave above ground pools is a worthy investment, as they come with a long-term warranty and all the tools you would need to maintain the pool. These pools are mobile and can move when the owner fancies, although it would take a long time to dismantle and build the pool back up again.

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