Blue Wave Above Ground Pools Reviews 2019

The summer season is a fun time of the year, but it is also tough for many people due to the intense heat and humidity that comes with the season. The good news is that you have more than enough options to consider for keeping yourself cool during this tough time of the year. One of the best things to consider entails the use of an outdoor swimming pool.

Some of the best swimming pools you can have in your home are from Blue Wave. The company takes pride in offering strong and sturdy pools that you can use in your backyard right now. You can find Blue Wave pools of various sizes that suit your yard space and your usage demands. Best of all, these pools will last for years to come.

blue wave pool reviews

Here are a few of the more popular choices to find when looking for one of these pools. These are all above-ground pools that are easy to set up and maintain. These will not cost a fortune like in-ground pools, nor are they going to be as difficult to support and maintain as those larger models.

Blue Wave Belize Pool

BLUE WAVE BELIZE POOLStart your search for a Blue Wave pool by looking at the Belize pool. You can find this model in multiple sizes including in 48 or 52-inch deep models. The Belize pool can be found in sizes from 33×18 feet to 41×21 feet. A smaller 24×12 feet option is available too. These options work in both round and oval shapes.

The pool features several layers of steel to prevent rust and corrosion. Galvanized steel is prominent on the six-inch frame. The vertical supports are also aligned to create more support for the full body of the pool, thus supporting a more comfortable surface for relaxation and use.

The pump is available in a 1 or 1.5hp size depending on the layout of the pool and how much water is needed. A sand-filtration system is used on the pump to create a better performance.


  • The surface skimmer does well with collecting debris
  • Sturdy steel walls on the ends
  • The metal zinc screws maintain their position well inside the pool and will not rust

  • Difficult to assemble
  • The A-frame ladder might not be deep enough for some users

Blue Wave Zanzibar Pool

BLUE WAVE ZANZIBAR POOLThe Zanzibar pool is 54 inches deep and comes in four sizes. You can find one as small as 15×30 feet or one as big as 41×21 feet. The circular or oval shape of the pool will fit well in your space.

A uni-bead liner and wide-mouth skimmer are utilized inside the pool to collect and filter out debris. The 1hp pump allows water to move freely within the water, thus keeping the pool feeling fresh.

The supports around the Zanzibar pool are a little thicker than what you would find on a Belize pool. The Zanzibar model offers an eight-foot top rail made with galvanized steel that does not rust or corrode. The walls are made with a matching material. The risk of the pool being potentially harmed by UV rays is also minimal thanks to the added UV inhibitors that are coated around the full surface.


  • The A-frame ladder is easy to install inside the pool
  • The skimmer and pump work well together
  • The 25-year warranty gives you peace of mind

  • Weighs nearly a thousand pounds even before you add water in the pool
  • Needs a sturdy rock base for the pool to be added onto

Blue Wave Samoan Pool

BLUE WAVE SAMOAN POOLThe third choice to see among Blue Wave pools is this Samoan model. This round pool offers a 52-inch deep body. You can find it in one of five sizes from 15 to 27 feet in diameter.

The pool is laid out with eight-inch top rails and six-inch uprights to create extra support along the head area. Added UV protection is included on those rails and uprights plus along the walls. The thick steel surface will stay intact without being overly hard to utilize.

The 22-inch sand filter system allows the body of the pool to stay intact and sturdy. A 1.5hp pump is also added to help with moving the water around the pool evenly and smoothly.


  • Does not weigh as much as other Blue Wave pool; it is only around 600 pounds
  • The simple circular design makes it easy to fit on most yards
  • Quick pump operation

  • The instruction manual for installation is complicated
  • Does not do well with more than four to six people at a time

A Few Final Notes

No matter which of these Blue Wave pools you choose to utilize in your home, you need to ensure the pool you have works well and is not going to be hard to utilize. Be sure to look at the size of your yard and to review how many people you plan on having in the pool. Don’t forget to look at the technical features that come with the pool.

Regardless of the choice you opt for, you will find that these Blue Wave pools offer some great features that are worth using in your yard. Each Blue Wave pools review you come across should help you get details on whatever it is you want to know about a model of value to you.

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