Fitmax Ipool Reviews – The Perfect Pool for Exercise and Fun

Although the principal use of a pool is to engage in some active swimming, it has slowly become an essential part of aerobics with lots of exercise programs explicitly created around the utility equipment. However, not everyone that wishes to engage in the activity can afford to install an in-ground swimming pool in their home, while some who have access to a public swimming facility just do not like the lack of privacy.

fitmax ipool reviews

The Fitmax iPool is, thus, the perfect solution for both these set of people as it ensures that one can engage in different water exercise routines in the comfort of one’s home. Its compact size makes sure that it is able to fit in most homes since it takes just a little amount of space. The pool is also equipped with handy accessories that help you maximize your work-out routines and also improve the overall outcome.

There are three variants of the pool-set that will be looked at in the Fitmax iPool Reviews, and while all three are able to deliver the best results, they may not all be ideal for you. By briefly detailing their characteristics and highlighting their flaws, you’re sure to find the right Fitmax iPool that fits your needs.


FITMAX IPOOL D SETThe Fitmax IPool D Set is a robust above-ground exercise pool that is perfect for anyone who wishes to engage in pulsating work-out sessions while enjoying the tempting cool of the pool’s water. Despite its heavy-duty functionality, it is compact and able to fit perfectly in most garages and basements.


The pool is equipped with lots of tools and arching bars that help you execute critical exercises like pull-ups, ensuring that you’re relaxed and in good physical shape.


The pool set has a dimension of 7’X10’x45”, which makes sure that it fits into any area of the home including the yard, garage as well as the basement.

It is composed of a steel frame that has been galvanized with zinc making it sturdy and resistant to corrosion since its primary use is for hectic exercise routines. It also has a weave liner that is reinforced with 5 layers of vinyl coated polyester.

Other important features unique to the Fitmax iPool D Set include a dual tether system for resistance regulation, a lockable steel ladder, a filter pump, repair kit, vinyl cover, and a floor sheet.


  • It is sturdy and able to withstand very intense exercise drills
  • It can be fitted in most parts of the home including the garage and basement
  • It is quite spacious and can accommodate more than one occupant easily

  • It is very heavy and requires a lot of manpower to move after installation
  • The setup process is quite laborious

2. Fitmax iPool Above Ground Exercise Pool — FOR SWIMMERS WHO WISH TO BE IN A HEALTHY SHAPE

FITMAX IPOOL ABOVE-GROUND EXERCISE POOLThis variant of the Fitmax iPool is heavy-duty aqua-exercise equipment that is specially manufactured for execution of numerous water exercise routines. Like most Fitmax iPool sets, it is able to fit perfectly in basement or garage with only 6 square meter footprints. With compact dimensions of 7’X10’x45”, it just requires an installation space with a size of 9’x12′x7′.



Just like the Fitmax IPool D Set, this variant owes its structural integrity to a steel frame that has been galvanized with solid zinc. It also possesses a weave liner that is reinforced with a five-layer vinyl coated polyester.

Other attributes of this pool set include a dual tether system, lockable ladder, floor sheet, vinyl cover, filter pump, and of course, a repair kit.


  • It is both durable and sturdy
  • It is equipped with a range of accompanying tools that help facilitate intense work-out sessions
  • It is spacious and comfortable

  • Hauling and transporting the product is quite tasking
  • Its assembling process is time-consuming and requires significant manpower

3. Fitmax iPool 3

FITMAX IPOOL 3This deluxe sized iPool isn’t just more massive than the two other variants discussed above; its build is also more emphatic. The perfect work-out pool for any water exercise enthusiast, the Fitmax iPool 3 provides a work-out environment that resembles closely to what one will get in conventional swimming pools.



With a dimension of 7’X10’x54”, the Fitmax iPool 3 delivers a robust presence; yet, it is still able to fit in most garages and basements.

It is also composed of a galvanized steel frame as well as a weave liner that is coated with polyester.

Other features that are peculiar to this pool set are a 1000 gph filter pump, a lockable steel ladder, repair kit, vinyl cover, and floor sheet.


  • Despite its heavy build, its setup process is relatively easy and swift
  • It is quite spacious
  • It contains every tool that is needed to execute various exercise programmes

  • Hauling and delivery of the product is tasking
  • This product is quite expensive

Fitmax iPool FAQ

  1. Where can I install an Ipool?

The Fitmax Ipool can be installed on a leveled ground. Be sure to clear the area of stones, debris, and all vegetation from the area. Level the ground to make your pool stable after installation. You can also install your pool indoors. However, the floor should be able to take the weight of the pool. You should also have a way of draining the water from the pool when you need to. Ipools can be installed in your backyard, basement, patio, and garage.


  1. Is it difficult to keep the Ipool clean?

You can easily keep your Ipool clean. Chlorine, Bromine, and other chemicals will help keep your water clean, but you would need to remove leaves and other debris from your pool on regular bases. You can clean using a pool brush, skimmer net, pool vacuum, or a pool filter.


  1. How Often should I replace the filter and the cartridge?

You can replace your Ipool filter once a year and you should also replace the cartridge every three to six months.


  1. How Often do I change my pool water?

You do not need to frequently change the water in your Ipool. This is because the pool already has a filtration system that filters the water on regular bases. It is recommended that you change the water in the pool every 3 to 6 months. This is to help maintain the life of the filter cartage.


  1. Does the Ipool come with a repair kit?

Yes, the Ipool comes with a repair kit.


  1. What is the Ipool made off?

The Ipool is well made of durable fabric. The fabric is light in weight and it is lined with PVC coating.


  1. How much resistance is there in the harness?

The harness is very resistant. It provides as much resistance as you would want.


  1. How does the Ipool compare to a lap pool?

The Ipool is more convenient. It is cheaper and easier to install. It is also safer for children. If you cannot completely supervise your children when they are swimming, the harness provides some level of safety.


  1. Can I install a saltwater filter on this system?

Yes, the Ipool works well with salt water.


Final Verdict

The Fitmax iPool can’t be compared to your average above-ground pool sets simply because the principal purpose of this pool is the execution of work-out routines. The Fitmax Ipool Reviews aptly assess this innovative product that is perfectly tailored to cater to swimming enthusiasts that also wish to engage in specific exercise routines that can only be carried out in a refined aquatic area. Unless you intend to use this equipment for work-out sessions, you should opt for a more traditional above-ground pool.

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