7 House Cleaning Checklist for Healthy Living

We all know the importance of a clean and healthy house. Along with having healthy foods and living a complete life, you need a clean and healthy environment in your home. So, house cleaning checklist should be on the prior sides in your regular chores.

All we know of living a healthy life is the chores we do and the house we live in. As one can use the Spa Tub for removing stress, benefitting sleep and having a healthy life, a clean house is also essential for the same reasons.

Step by Step Guide and House Cleaning Checklist

It doesn’t matter if you do cleaning by yourselves or hire someone to do it for you. In both ways, you need perfect ways of cleaning the house for healthy living.

We will provide you some tips, which you can apply to clean your own house or someone else’s house efficiently. So, let’s begin.

top House Cleaning Checklist

  1. Start with picking up the clutter

Put some soft, lively music on before you start going to every room. Pick the clutters up and separate those you don’t want to use anymore. The more you have, the more you have to put those away; the less you have to clean, and it will produce lesser dust.

It is time to donate or recycle the stuff that you have no longer need of, like the magazines, books, toys, DVD’s, newspapers, old broken furniture, old electronics, clothes, shoes you kept in the closet for years that you don’t use anymore. Switch off the lights and fans because the work you are going to doing will make a lot of dust.

  1. Don’t Forget to Reorganize the Closets

It’s time for you to open the closets that you didn’t open for long; open them to reorganize and minimize. Throw the unnecessary stuff. It will not only create spaces for keeping stuff but also will reduce the chances of bacteria in the close.

  1. Clean the Kitchen and Have Healthy Foods

The kitchen is the powerhouse of a home. All the foods come from the kitchen, so you need to have the best environment there. It will keep the food safe and healthy and secure the family from any disease caused by contaminated foods.

Use best kitchen faucet in your kitchen to clean foods, plates, jugs, etc. You can use a proper filtration system to have safe water for your family.

  1. Clean the Dust Regularly

You need to clean the dust with polyester or microfiber clothes if possible. Using microfiber cloth will reduce allergens and boost the quality of air in the house. Use mops and tie damped clothes on the end of the broom to remove cobwebs.

For the spaces, where you can’t see, you can use the cord to clean them. There can be dust in between the windows, fans, light bulbs, door tops, picture frames, and light bulb holders.

Use glass cleaner on the microfiber cloth or cotton cloth to clean computer monitors, framed photos, dining table (if it is made of glass), TV screens, windows, wall clocks, etc.

  1. Learn to Use Vacuum Cleaner Properly

Some of us use vacuums but not effectively. That’s because we do not use it properly. To use it properly, you need to keep an eye on some factors. Check the bag of your vacuum cleaner and make sure it isn’t full already. Then you can select and use the exact attachments that will be needed and use the right settings.

Use it on the floor, furniture, cushion, under the couch and all those possible dusty places. You will find the items were missing from long like socks, pens, spoons, coins, rings, etc. and be amazed.

  1. Do Not Ignore to Treat the floor

It is not wise to ignore, what is under our feet. They can get dirty very quickly and create an unhealthy environment. So, cleaning the floor should be one of the major points in the house cleaning checklist.

You can sweep or mop, suit yourself and begin with the distant point of the room and come back to the entry point of the room. After finishing every 5×5 foot soak the mop and start again.

  1. Freshening the Furniture

Wooden furniture becomes dusty very quickly even if you wax or cleans them two or three days before. And there are some insects which tend to live in between the furniture. So, cleaning the furniture of your house is an important part.

If you have wooden furniture in your home, you need to clean them every day. You can use hand or dust buster to clean the furniture properly. It will make the air more breathable and help you to have a better environment.

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