Ideal Surface Under Inflatable Spa

Buying a hot tub is one task; setting it up in an ideal place is another. Particularly if that is an inflatable hot tub, you need to make sure it is at the right place. It is always better to decide the ideal place before you bring your favourite hot tub home.

Ideal place? Let us help you out. The place you choose to keep the hot tub must have easy access to power supply/sockets. Indoors or outdoors, make sure the place has got an easy power supply. Then consider the water supply. The most important of all is getting the ideal surface on which you will be keeping the hot tub. Not only is it important for smooth, efficient and lasting functioning but also for a great and worry free spa experience.

There are few factors that you need to keep in mind while figuring out an ideal place. Let us get a closer look at those factors.

hot tub surface


Get a solid, firm, levelled place

Even the manufacturers recommend avoiding slopes and finding a levelled, flat surface to keep your spa. Not only will this prevent sufficient water filling, but will also hamper the structural integrity. An average tub would roughly weigh over 1000 pounds after filling. The surface you choose must be supportive enough to handle the weight of the fully filled tub and the people. Along with being flat and levelled, the surface needs to be solid and firm as well. A firm surface can handle the shifting weight of people. This will not be the same with muddy or soft sort of surface. You can create a deck sort of structure in the place convenient for you as well. Why not get on a DIY?!


While using any kind of water tubs, some splashes or even overflows are just unavoidable. There can even be leakage troubles sometimes. Anyway, it is better to keep a ready solution to avoid any such splashing annoyance and draining issues. Poor drainage can compromise the health of the spa base. Drainage might be better outdoors; any indoor area with proper drainage is okay as well. building up a deck can be helpful here. In the case of indoors, checks for cracks or opening on the floor where water can stand and cause any damage.

Additional protection and care

It is always recommended to use some sort of spa pad or other mats beneath the hot tub. No matter indoor or outdoor, this will just add to the life of your spa. It provides protection to the hot tub base along with protecting the surface beneath it. Also, make sure the place has got enough ventilation to prevent any moisture.

So, to sum up, look for a levelled, stable, solid surface with sufficient drainage. While you are buying the spa or hot tub to have some refreshing, relaxing time, placing it in an ideal surface would make the spa-time more relaxing.

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