Intex Easy Set Pool Reviews – The Easiest Way to Escape the Summer Warmth

If what you’re looking for, in an above-ground pool ,is a budget-friendly option that is easy to set up and disassemble, able to accommodate up to 6-7 people without being overcrowded, and is also safe for children, then the Intex Easy Set Pool should definitely rank high on the list of products you must consider.

This oval-shaped inflatable pool is lauded for its visual appeal and reliability during the summer months. It is also the perfect outdoor above-ground pool for homes that do not have the luxury of yard space, and can be disassembled quickly and stored away when the warm summer comes to an end.

Intex Easy Set Pool Reviews

Two of the main pool sizes available are the Intex Easy Set Pool 12×36, which is ideal for a single user or a small family made up or 3-4 individuals, and the Intex Easy Set Pool 18×48, which is a heavy duty pool-set that can easily accommodate a larger number of people. Other Intex pool sizes that are available include the 8 x 30, 10 x 30, 12 x 30, 12 x 36, 15 x 36, and the 15 x 48 set.

Unlike most steel frame above-ground pools that require significant maintenance, this pool set barely needs any upkeep once it has been assembled. While its durability and sturdiness can’t be compared to the more robust steel frame brands, it is still remarkably robust for an inflatable pool set.

These Intex Easy Set Pool reviews wrap up with a buying guide that broadly details the critical things you must be aware of before making a purchase.

1.Intex 15 X 42 Easy Set Pool– Perfect For Small Yard

INTEX 15 X 42 EASY SET POOLOne of the larger pool sets among the medium-sized variants, the Intex 15 X 42 Easy Set Pool is probably not a bad pick if you’ve got limited space available in your yard but still want to enjoy the relaxing feel of immersing yourself in an outdoor pool setting during a hot day.


With a size of 15 feet by 42 inches, the pool is an ideal fit for small families as it is able to comfortably accommodate 4-5 people while still leaving ample room for fun activities. Perfectly manufactured to match the color of the beautiful sky during warm summers, the pool’s aesthetic is an underrated feature that doesn’t just complement users’ affinity for the product but also contributes to its visual appeal.

Equipped with a sturdy sidewall that protects the integrity of the pool set and also functions efficiently as a barrier to keep occupants and water in, the Intex 15 X 42 Easy Set Pool is both reliant and resistant, though excessively rough handling may lead to a puncture that inadvertently causes damage to the pool set.


An important feature of the Intex 15 X 42 Easy Set Pool is the Ground Fault Interrupter, an incorporated tool that helps shield the water in the pool from electrical exposure. This tool shuts off the pump to stop the electrical flow.

Being an easy-to-use inflatable pool set, the Intex 15 X 42 can be set up and filled with water in just about 15 minutes. This makes it an above-ground pool set with one of the fastest setup time frame.

The pool is able to accommodate about 3,284 gallons when it is filled to almost 80% of its capacity. This volume is ideal for small groups of people that intend to bask in the sun or engage in interesting games while enjoying the cool water.

The pool set is also equipped with tools like a cartridge filter pump, ground cloth, a ladder, and of course, debris cover.


  • It is affordable and is a viable option for buyers interested in purchasing practical above-ground pool solutions
  • It is able to fit perfectly in a smaller yard
  • It is effortless to assemble and in fact, has one of the fastest setup time-frames among above-ground pool sets
  • It can be deflated and stored when the summer months are over

  • It isn’t as durable as steel frame pools
  • It is susceptible to be punctured if not handle carefully

2.Intex 8 X 30 Easy Set Pool— Best For Singles And Couples

INTEX 8 X 30 EASY SET POOLThis smaller variant of the Intex Easy Set Pool is basically for individuals who reside alone or just with a companion. Despite the fact that it is compact, it can still comfortably accommodate 2-3 persons. Manufactured as a cheaper option for buyers who aren’t used to having company over for swimming or other outdoor pool activities, it offers adequate protection from the heat during the summer months though it requires far less water volume.



It is equipped with a 110-120v filter pump that eases the process of filling the pool-set.

Since it’s smaller than most other variants of the Intex Easy Set Pool, its setup time is even less than 15 minutes.

Other tools that accompany the product are the drain plug and a very comprehensive Set-up and maintenance DVD.


  • It is affordable and a perfect fit for buyers who intend to use it by themselves or with a companion
  • Its PVC sidewall helps maintain the integrity of the pool, keeping the water and occupant safe
  • It can be placed in a small yard without consuming much space

  • It can be easily punctured
  • It is less durable than steel frame pool sets
  • It can’t accommodate a group of people.

FAQ – Intex Easy Set Pool


  1. How to set up Intex easy set pool

The first step in setting up this pool is to find a leveled ground. Make sure the area is clear out, and do not set your pool under a tree. Setting your pool under a tree will allow leaves into your pool. Lay out your pool on a tarp. Smoothen your pool and inflate the pool with an air pump. Do not over inflate the pool since the air in the pool will expand during the hot seasons. This can burst your pool if it is overinflated. Fill the pool with water and make sure the water is evenly distributed in the pool. Assemble you’re your filter pump and connect it to the pool. You should also assemble your ladder and skimmer. Your pool is now ready for use.


  1. Does my Intex easy set pool need chlorine

Yes. The chlorine is a great option if you want to properly maintain your pool. The amount of chlorine your pool would need depends on the size of the pool. Usually, an 8’ by 30’ pool needs 8.5oz/ 1.25C of chlorine.


  1. How to Blow Up Intex Easy Set Pool

It is easier to inflate the pool with a pump. Connect the pump to the ring and begin the pumping process. Make sure the ring is firm but not too hard.


  1. How to drain Intex Easy Set Pool

You can easily drain your pool using the drain plug adapter. This adapter usually comes with the pool set. Connect a garden hose to your adapter. Then you remove the drain cap that is on the outside of the pool. Now push your drain plug adapter into the drain opening and this will push the inner drain cap. You can then point the other end of the garden hose to a place where you dispose of your water. If you are draining your pool for storage, then you can use the wet/dry vacuum completely dry your pool.


  1. How to inflate Intex Easy Set pool

Use the air compressor or the air pump to inflate your pool. The process is pretty much straightforward. Connect your pump to the pool and inflate until it is firm. Remember not to over-inflate your pool.


  1. How to keep an Intex easy set pool clean.

There are several methods you can employ in cleaning your pool. You can shock your pool using a pool shock. The pool shock will kill off bacteria and algae in your pool. Use a pool shock that has about 70% chlorine. Always run your pool filtration system after shocking your pool.

You can also run your filtration system every time you use your pool. You can also use the Intex wall mount skimmer to clean the water surface daily.

  1. How to level the ground for your Intex easy set pool.

Mark the area you want to set up your pool. Clear the area and pick up all stones and weed all vegetation from the area. Now, add collect all the debris from the area leaving a clean bare land.


  1. How to patch an Intex easy set pool.

You can get an Intex patching kit, this is ideal because it contains all that is needed to patch an Intex Easy set pool. You should also get a pair of scissors, cotton, and permanent marker. Cut a patch material as provided in the patching kit, allow at least 1 inch of extra fabric around the tear. Smear a little adhesive around the tear area and wait for about 5 minutes for the adhesive to cure. Now place the patch fabric on the tear and smooth it.

  1. How to vacuum Intex easy set pool.

First, attach a suction hose to the vacuum head and suction the water to your dispose off the outlet. Make sure you vacuum the entire pool and rid the pool of all moisture. Clean up all debris.

Final Verdict

Though the information in the Intex Easy Set Pool Reviews is indeed valuable for anyone who is contemplating making a purchase, personal preferences remain the most significant factor that determines the choice of a prospective buyer. It is, however, essential that the above-mentioned factors are taken into consideration before making that final decision, or you will be stuck with a pool-set that is unusable or even worse: defective.

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