Intex Mini Frame Pool Reviews 2019

Summertime is almost here, and it is time to think of creating a cool spot for your kids in your home! This is the best time when families look for an ideal swimming pool to beat the summer heat. Most people want a pool which is spacious, but they are not ready to spend a fortune! How about investing in a small frame pool? It sounds like a brilliant idea because it fits your budget and you do not need enough space as well!

Intex frame pool has become a popular choice! When there is lack of space in your backyard, and you do not have the budget to build a full-fledged swimming pool, the Intex pool can be a smart choice! There are some people, who do not have a backyard because they live in apartments. If you have a terrace of your own or a large balcony, you can fulfill the dream of having your pool.

intex mini frame pool reviews

This will be a great gift for your kids! In case you have a dog in your home, he/she would love to take a dip in the pool! All you need is a small area which has a flat ground. Make sure that there are no rocks or twigs in the area. You could spread a tarp to protect the pool from potential damage.

If you are thinking of investing in a pool, you can take a quick look at the Intex mini frame pool reviews.

     1. Intex Mini Frame Pool Reviews – Comfortable and Compact

 INTEX MINI FRAME POOLThe Intex Mini Frame Pool is small, but it is great for cooling off on a hot day. Most of the reviewers were happy after purchasing the product. The buyers appreciated the durability of the product. If you want something portable which you can carry to your camps and long-holidays, then get this compact pool!


This pool is meant for kids and pets. If you have dogs in your home or your kids want a play-time area, then this pool is ideal!


  • It comes with a repair patch kit
  • Great for kids
  • 89 gallons (water capacity)
  • Foam padded horizontal beams for added comfort

  • Some buyers had a tough time to set it up. They found holes after the first set up.

Final Verdict

The product has a very straightforward design, but it is difficult to set up. Majority of the reviewers had positive things to say about the Intex mini frame swimming pool. It is an ideal pool for small kids and dogs. Your dogs will have a terrific time splashing in this little pool. The product lasts for a long time, and the reviewers appreciated the durability.

  1. Intex Mini Frame Kids  Great Kiddie Pool with Easy Drainage

INTEX MINI FRAME KIDSIf you want to give your kids and pets a cool spot to play and splash, then get the Intex Mini Frame Kiddie Pool. This is great for beginners! When you are new in the neighborhood, your kids require some company! How about inviting the kids in the neighborhood? They can dip in the kiddie pool, and your kids will make some friends as well!


The green-colored Intex pool is easy to set up and looks jazzy! The most amazing feature is the easy drainage. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of the product.


  • Budget-friendly product
  • Constructed for children
  • Easy drainage
  • 90 Gallons (water capacity)

  • It is not as durable

Final Verdict

Majority of the reviewers were satisfied with the product. However, some felt that it does last very long! Some of the reviewers saw holes after the first use. You have to be very careful with the material because it may get holes. Although the price of the product is not as expensive, a little more durability would make it great!

Buying Guide for Novices

We hope that the Intex mini frame pool reviews helped you in making a wise decision! Since you are new to this, you may want to skim through a quick buying guide. This will help you to be a wise-shopper!

  • Read Genuine Reviews and Compare Products

It is always good to read previous reviews from existing buyers. Once you read the reviews, you would be able to form a firm judgment about the product. You can compare different products by checking our respective reviews.

  • What’s your budget?

This is an important factor that you need to consider. How much are you willing to spend? Think of it as a one-time investment and buy the best product. Buying an inexpensive product will be much more expensive for you. Why? When you invest in a good-quality product, it will last longer. Sometimes you would get a better product at a cheaper cost. High-quality products do not have to be very expensive!

  • Size

You need to think of the size of the pool. Does your backyard or terrace have enough space for a frame pool? Consider the size of your backyard/garden while purchasing the product. A large pool, which holds more than fifty gallons of water, will take a lot of time to fill up.

  • Portability

Is the pool easy to store? Is it light to carry around with you? Look for a product which is easy to store and carry. Make sure that the brand offers a cover as well! It keeps the water clean and good for use!

Final Words

We hope that the Intex mini frame pool reviews and buying guide helped you in making an informed decision! You must buy a frame pool for your kids and dogs. There are times when parents are too busy during the summer season, and they do not have time to take their kids out for a holiday. It is best to bring home a durable and a compact pool. Your kids and pets will love you for the thoughtful decision! Make sure you invest in the best Intex mini frame pool. Have a fantastic summer holiday!

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