Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa Hot Tub with Plug & Play Review

For all those who are looking for a cool, spacious spa, Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa, is a good option to consider. This Lifesmart spa comes with a sturdy shell, a thick cover and complete foam insulation. It is designed keeping in view the efficiency, user friendliness and comfort to the customers. Adding to comfort are the perfect jets and comfort valve air mixing system. Though it might not be so perfect for 4 adults as the product claims, it is far more spacious than other similar products. With high end features and nearly indestructible Rock-solid shell, this spa definitely meets ups the expectations and requirements as an efficient and perfect spa.

There are some really great features that the spa offers, which makes it a winner. Let us get a closer look of LifeSmart Rock solid Luna Spa and its key features.

Sturdy Rock-solid Shell

The sturdiness of the shell is one of the unbeatable features of this product. Several user reviews recommend the product solely due to its sturdiness. The spa shell carries a 5 year warranty. This spa in Lifesmart hot tubs series boasts of a nearly indestructible shell. It is designed to stand any harsh, variable climatic conditions. So you will not have to think twice about putting it out.

lifesmart hot tub review

Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa with Plug & Play Operation

Set up

As the name suggests, it is just ‘plug and play’. Setting this whole thing up is a breeze. Just set it up and fill the tub with water. Plug it and let it reach the desired temperature. There is not even the worry of initial installation costs that might incur in case of other products. With lifesmart portable spa, there is plumbing requirements or related costs as well. So, be worry free about those extra expenditures. The products proves it true when it claims ‘plug and play’.


Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa with PlugLifesmart rock solid luna spa comes with some of the coolest of spa designs. With a cool dimension of 70 x 66 x 29 inches, there is ample of seating space for 2-3 people. The spa is more comfortable with a deeper seating. The spa comes with a thick, high quality cover. The air mixing valves ensures a perfect, soothing massage. Also, the 12 jets are sure to give a fine spa experience. They are completely adjustable and powerful. It includes 1 micro injector jets, 9 directional jets and 2 of massage jets. LED lights add to the attraction of the tub. The lights as well as temperature can be adjusted using the top side controls.

Eco Smart technology

Like few other lifesmart spa products, this one also uses the Eco Smart technology, which would help you save some utility bills. Adding to the energy efficiency is the complete foam insulation along with the cover. Save some bucks!


It is best and perfect for 2 or maximum 3 people. Any more will result in water displacements and the resultant quick cooling.

Key features

  • Dimensions 70 x 66 x 29 inches, weighs around 250 pounds
  • Super sturdy shell with 5 year warranty
  • Comfort valve air mixing system
  • 12 jets
  • LED lighting
  • Complete foam insulation with a thick tub cover to keep the temperature up

  • Easy to set up
  • Nearly indestructible shell, sturdy design
  • Reliable and durable product
  • Perfect massaging jet placements
  • Adjustable LED lights enhancing looks, offering a relaxing outdoor night spa
  • User friendly controls- a true plug and play
  • Energy efficient product

  • Not entirely ‘portable’
  • Pretty much bulky and space occupying- to be considered in case of limited space houses.

While the sturdy shell is the most appreciated feature of this product, the wide space, jets and user friendly controls are equally an attraction. The product might be a bit bulkier to call to ‘portable’. However, you can overlook it if you are not on frequent moves.

Look no further than Lifesmart hot tub if you are searching for an ideal relaxing getaway! With all that great durability, strong jets and reliable, luxurious features, spa has never been better!

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