Review of M Spa Model B-90 Apline Inflatable Hot Tub

M Spa Model B-90 Apline Inflatable Hot Tub comes with a cool 132 air bubble jet system that aerates the water and provides a magnificent and soothing massage. Unlike other available hot tubs out there, it is among the high quality portable hot tubs accompanied by a reasonable price. Let’s get a better look of M spa Apline hot tub.

Mspa Inflatable Hot tub Reviews 2019

Design and Function

M Spa Model B-90 Apline Inflatable Hot TubIt comes in a square shape, making it a perfect selection for you if you want to tuck it into an angle of hot tub room, patio or garden. The little more stretching out space within the tub to make it very easy to accommodate more people comfortably so that no one is cramped is one great feature that makes this inflatable hot tub unmatched. Its large number of the air bubble jet system is another addition to its attractions. Children, in particular, would love this stimulating feature. The snap-on digital control panel feature located on the edge of the hot tub is used to control both the water heating and bubble jet systems. The measurement of M Spa Alpine Hot Tub is 62 inches X 62 inches or 1.60 square meters and 27 inches or 68.5cm deep when it is totally inflated, making it big enough to contain 3-4 kids or 2 -3 adults conveniently.


The robust and sturdy feature of the hot tub is associated with its triple-layer laminated PVC. This will ensure that it lasts for many years. As a matter of fact, many users confirmed that it is user-friendly and long-lasting.

Air Bubble Jet System and Temperature

Slip in the hot tub and switch the air bubble jet system on, as soon as the water is at your desired temperature. The great massage you get is not only excellent for hydrotherapy, but also a great stress-buster. As far as heat is concerned, it rises up to 104 degrees but other users affirmed that the temperature will drop when the bubbles are on. It uses two heaters and once the bubbles come on, you can turn one off.

Usability and Convenience

This product is fun, easy to use, stress-free to maintain and easy to put together. Though the bubbles are a little noisy, it is acceptable. You need Bluetooth pool speakers to listen to music in the patio when soaking in the tub. However, don’t forget to place the cover on top, once you finish in the hot tub. This will keep the water warm, requiring just a fast boost before using it again.

The control panel of M Spa Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub is great; it is uncomplicated to use from the tub. The build quality is great, but it is relatively a bit small in comparison to other similar portable spas available in this range. In addition, the heater is pretty slow; you need to be patient for a while until water gets to the maximum temperature of 104 degrees- but that is a quite a general thing with hot tubs.

It doesn’t come with the greatest directions of how to put it together. Hence, watch the DVD or online video before you start the assembling it. This will take you almost an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does this come with a cover?

Answer: yes, it comes with a cover

Question: Does the temperature go down while the bubbles are on?

Answer: yes, the temperature does go down when the bubble is on, but only by a couple of degrees. Around 2-4 degree temperature drops after a constant use of about 30 minutes.

Question: Is it actually portable? Will that be problematic to take down and set it up after every few days?

Answer: No, it will not be a painful stuff. Once you learn how it works, it will be easy to take down and set it up. The only thing to note is that it takes around 20- 24 hours to reach 104 degrees.

Final Verdict

M Spa Model B-90 Apline Inflatable Hot Tub ensures calmly satisfying and quiet soak in the warm, therapeutic water of a spa. But if you want to save more on electricity, this product perhaps is not for you because it consumes a little more power than you can imagine.

However, is like a diminutive piece of paradise after the hard day work. It soothes and provides you with the much-required relaxation. It is an inexpensive luxury that offers you the enjoyment you have been longing for any time of the day. Hope this mspa inflatable hot tub review help you to make your buying decision.


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