Bring Style and Substance To Your Favorite Outdoor Space With These 5 Tips

Your outdoor space might be in a state of hibernation since last year, covered with spider webs, your pool filled with leaves and now, the sneeze-inducing pollen. And with outdoor parties and comfortable lounging on the horizon, it is high time to get your outdoor space in tip-top shape.

The furniture is out and in place, so it is time to create an inspiring outdoor space that you love, whether it be for entertaining, working or just relaxing. So, throw all your creativity into your favorite outdoor space with these 5 tips.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas:

1. Invest in Comfortable Seating

Outdoor furniture retailers are riddled with aluminum, plastic, and wicker. And although these are reasonable choices, weatherproof outdoor furniture materials are neither attractive nor comfortable. Thus, you will need to accessorize your outdoor furniture what goes with your style.

Throw some colorful pillows and comfortable cushions onto your outdoor furniture to bring the indoors out. The more it resembles the comfort of your living room furniture and sofas, the better. Just make sure you cover the furniture with tarps so that the cushions do not retain moisture and end up with water damage.

Also, consider getting some help from waterproofing Johannesburg and have your patio and balcony waterproofed to reduce the risk of water accumulation and damaging your furniture from underneath.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

An ottoman coffee table also adds a great touch. Dining sets are good, however, if you are not always sitting down for a full meal in your yard, why not consider just creating a relaxed lounge space that is better for casual gatherings, like sipping espresso or cocktails while chatting.

Seating also takes many forms, thus if you need something to add to your existing patio furniture, you will need to think outside the box with hammocks, a bench, dining chairs, or even floor pillows and poufs. Round outdoor daybeds with a canopy exude leisure and hanging egg chairs that are comfortable and fun are quite inviting and relaxing, too.

2. Install A Bar And Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen will surely tie your whole backyard together. It will serve as a food prep station as well as a gathering area. Add a grill, some counter seating, and even a TV set, making it a perfect space for summer barbecues and game days.

You can even throw in a pizza oven, beverage cooler, and a wet bar to impress guests. And even in small yards, an outdoor kitchen is a lovely addition with a top-notch grill, appealing cabinetry and a theme to top it all, may it be vintage or modern.

3. Consider a Firepit

A firepit will always be a welcoming and cozy addition. It opens up a world of opportunities— whether a gathering to tell horror stories at night or roasting marshmallows while singing campfire songs.

outdoor living spaces on a budget

outdoor living spaces on a budget

You can buy a propane firepit from furniture retailers and local stores or you can even create one yourself. And although it may be labor-intensive, a DIY fire pit will ensure that you have the design and style you want, giving your yard a unique touch of lighting and a warm ambience.

4. Add A Covered Terrace

Pergolas, canopies, and verandas are truly elegant additions to any backyard and outdoor space. Not only do they help protect your furniture from the harsh outdoor elements, but they also allow you to designate a “private” place as the central gathering spot. And if you place one above a dining table, it will direct your guests toward this “private” area.

Adding some sheer curtains or drapery to a standalone pergola also offers a decorative touch. And if you have a little more savings stashed away for home renovations, then a gazebo will surely bring an air of elegance and sophistication to any outdoor space. Being a larger structure, it can house relaxing lounge areas along with a small outdoor bar. And if you want to, you can even pair it with a small pond to transform your outdoor space into a totally relaxing Zen garden.

outdoor living spaces plans

outdoor living spaces plans

5. Coordinate Lighting

For backyard and outdoor spaces, the gentle glow of candlelight will always feel romantic and looks delightful. You can even create a centerpiece by placing a candle inside a pot planted with alyssum or other greeneries.

For a more permanent lighting option, consider rigging up some festoon lights which are really popular right now. These bare bulbs make for a wonderful inviting ambiance and look exceptionally lovely twinkling away during the evening.

Follow these five outdoor living space ideas and make your outdoor decor refreshing.

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