Most Recommended Summer Escapes Pools to Make the Ultimate Hot-Weather Hideout

If you are considering buying a pool for your family, these Summer Escapes pool reviews could assist you in making a momentous decision. When it comes to significant investments, the risk should be as low as possible. It would be saddening if, after investing much money, the product turns a disappointment. I do not know if we share the same sentiments with you on this. It is annoying to waste money on products that do not help us in any way. If that is how you think about the matter, then you can count on us to help you get the best summer escapes pool.

 summer escapes pool reviews
Regarding the initial and the maintenance cost, you need a Summer Escapes pool that has all its pros and cons weighed. Some are bad while others are good. How, then, do you identify the best Summer Escapes pool?

Let’s Dig in!

1. ProSeries Round Frame Pool 16’*42

ProSeries Round Frame PoolSummer Escapes is one of the renowned manufacturers of great summer escapes pools. This ProSeries Round Frame Pool is one of their products, and it is no exception. The good service extended by the company makes the purchase worthwhile during the intolerable summer. The size is just ideal for a large family. Its dimensions are 46 x 14.25 x 30 inches. In addition to that, setting it up is like a walk in the park. Even if you have kids, their safety is nothing to worry about because they will be safe. You have the safety ladder and the barrier to thank for that. It is circular and has a capacity of 4270 gallons with a 1000 gal pump for easy and quick pumping. Its accessories include a filter pump, ladder, pool cover, ground cloth and maintenance kit. To know its pros and cons, continue reading.


  • The size is ideal for a large family.
  • Its shape is a circle which creates more room.
  • It has a favorable price, and that does not compromise its quality because it is durable as well.
  • Repairing holes using the maintenance kit is easy.

  • There is tedious drainage after summer.
  • It wrinkles at the bottom often.

2. Round Frame Pool 18’ *48 with 1500 GPH Skimmer

Round Frame Pool Next is yet another alluring product from the Summer Escapes which is not only durable but also easy to assemble. The depth and the diameters are 18 feet and 48 inches, respectively. It releases 1500 gallon per hour and has a built-in chlorinator. Other accessories include hoses, all filter hook up hardware and C filter cartridge. It is sturdy all thanks to its robust construction. Additionally, it has an inner mesh and three-layered sidewalls. PVC material is used to make the sidewalls of the pool. On the other hand, powder coated metal is the one used for the frame. Regarding the capacity, it can hold up to 6000 gallons. A maintenance kit is also included, which assists in case of a hole or any other repair. We will look at its pros and cons listed below.


  • It has a large capacity, making it perfect for serving many people at once.
  • The ease to assemble after purchase is a plus.
  • There is a quick release drainage, thus, quick to drain for storage once summer is over.
  • The frame does not rust.
  • It is durable.

  • The filter pump does not last long, though it is replaceable.

3. Summer Escapes Quick Set Ring Pool

Summer Escapes Quick Set Ring PoolThis one is another excellent pool of Summer Escapes, and its features include everything you would expect from an incredible pool. Its design is focused on quality as well as the functionality. When you get a Summer Escapes pool that is affordable and at the same time of high quality, does it not qualify to be among the best? Its ring shape makes it visually appealing. Setting up this pool is not only fast, but also effortless. It has a carrying capacity of 1125 gallons when full, and the dimensions are 15 feet by 42 inches. The material is vinyl, hence, lasts for long. It has a filter pump system that comes with a chlorinator. The sidewalls have a mesh, and that together with the PVC, makes it durable. There are pros and cons of the product as illustrated below.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • If need be, the filter cartridge is easy to replace.
  • The filter cartridge has a built-in chlorinator as well.

  • It is easy to leak around the “O” rings which are not watertight.

4. ProSeries Round Frame Pool 18’ by 48”

ProSeries Round Frame Pool 18This incredible pool is worth every dime. Since it for use by the whole family and a few friends, the product includes security measures for kids too. The Summer Escapes pool is 18 feet deep with a diameter of 48 inches. Its price, on the other hand, may be relatively high compared to the others included in our Summer Escapes pool reviews. However, the product is worthwhile. The capacity is 6000 gallons. Other fabulous features include having a filter cartridge and a 1000 gal pump. It comes with a pool cover, ladder, maintenance kit and ground cloth. Below are some cons and pros of this Summer Escapes pool.


  • The material used for the frame is made of steel which is not only durable but also rust resistant.
  • There is a quick release drainage for when summer is over.
  • The drain plug is compatible with a typical garden hose.
  • It is sturdy and durable thanks to the mesh and PVC-made sidewalls.

  • In case of a replacement part, the price is relatively high.

Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Escape Pool

  1. Does This Pool Have A Drain Plug To Easily Let The Water Out?

Answer: Yes. You will need to connect a hose to it and direct the water away from the pool.

  1. Does This Pool Require Barrier Or Fences?

Answer: No, it is not necessary.

  1. Is This Pool Bpa and PVC Free?

Answer: It is difficult to tell since the manual has not mentioned anything about it.

  1. How To Vacuum Summer Escape Pool.

Answer: You can vacuum the pool using a pool vacuum. Connect the pool vacuum to a hose. Always keep the head of the vacuum in the water to drain the water.

Final verdict

Reading the Summer Escapes pool reviews have left you wiser than you were before. Therefore, I believe that you are in a better position if you go to buy a pool. There are high chances that you will purchase one of the best summer escapes pool. What are the features, advantages, and advantages of Summer Escapes pools? What considerations could help you make a smart choice? The Summer Escapes pool reviews have answered the question. It remains your responsibility to buy one. Are you tired of the scorching sun during summers? Do you want a place that you can spend leisurely with your family? Grab a Summer Escapes pool and make your loved ones happy.

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