Summer Waves Pool Reviewed

Summer Waves has an assorted variety of pools for you to check out right now. These pools will provide you with a great space for fun in the sun this summer. But with so many choices out there, it might be tough to find the right one. This listing of Summer Waves pool reviews will help you figure out which ones are right for your use.

Types Of Summer Waves Pool

Best Kid PoolSUMMER WAVES Frame Pool41.2 x 9.2 x 41.2 inchesA+Check Price
Kid PoolFamily Swimming Pool Chromadepth 3D Round90 x 90 x 22 inchesACheck Price
Kid PoolSummer Waves Small Kiddie Swimming Pool14 x 12 x 10.5 inchesACheck Price
Best Easy Set-UpSUMMER WAVES Quick Set Ring Above Ground Pool14.7 x 27.4 x 10.5 inchesA+Check Price
Best BudgetMetal Frame Above Ground Family Swimming Pool35.5 x 14.3 x 10.5 inchesA+Check Price
Budget FriendlySUMMER WAVES Metal Frame Pool with Skimmer17.2 x 12.2 x 35.8 inches BCheck Price
PremiumElite Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package180 x 48 x 180 inchesBCheck Price
Best PremiumElite Wicker Print Above Ground Frame Pool Set46 x 33.5 x 17.8 inchesACheck Price
Best OverallElite Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package216 x 108 x 52 inches A++Check Price
Best Large SizedElite Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool Package288 x 144 x 52 inchesACheck Price

summer waves pool reviews


These Summer Waves pools were chosen based on factors like who the pools are appropriate for, their builds, filtration features, and much more. The pools were divided up in no particular order based on a few points:

  1. Pools designed for smaller kids
  2. Pools for bigger kids
  3. Larger Pools
  4. Big pools with metal frames
  5. Massive rectangular pools that fit even more people

All of the pools you will read about here deserve to be explored for what they have to offer. You will be impressed with how these pools can work for you and your entertaining desires.

Pools For Small Kids

  1. Summer Waves 48x48x12 Frame Pool


Summer Waves 48x48x12 Frame PoolThis Summer Waves pool offers a basic surface for kids. The pool features a bright pink body. A metal frame stands 12 inches in height while a sturdy pink base is utilized for the pool body. The pool is four feet in length on each side, thus making it suitable for two kids at a time. The thick fabric around the pool makes it capable of being used by pets, particularly many dog breeds.

The pool weighs about 11.9 pounds. The corners on the ends of the base are also smooth without any pointed edges on their bodies.


  • Can work indoors in the winter as a ball pit
  • Not too deep or shallow for kids
  • Pink color retains tone well

  • Takes a bit to set up and take down
  • Hard to anchor


This small swimming pool works well for families looking for something for smaller kids. This could even be used by large breed dogs if desired.

Pools For Big Kids

  1. Family Swimming Pool Chromadepth 3D Round Pool


Family Swimming Pool Chromadepth 3D Round PoolThe design of this Summer Waves pool features a three-dimensional design featuring drawings of many sea turtles, dolphins, underwater plants, and other exotic forms of marine wildlife. Kids can put on the 3D goggles that come with the round pool to see these designs pop out in front of them.

This pool is 22 inches high and has a 90-inch diameter. The ends have high walls for the kids to relax on. There is enough room in here for multiple big kids. The ends are also smooth and consistent all the way through.


  • Takes little time to pump up
  • Flexible body
  • Attractive 3D design

  • Surface feels somewhat cold at times
  • Needs a perfectly-shaped pump to work


The design of this small swimming pool makes it suitable for two or three big kids at a time. Their parents can hang out with them in the pool as well.


  1. Summer Waves Small Kiddie 8’ Inflatable Pool


Summer Waves Small Kiddie 8’ Inflatable PoolThis pool also comes with a fun 3D pattern features marine life in action. Two pairs of 3D goggles come with the pool. The outside design features a bright blue and orange tone with the orange top protruding slightly to create a pot-like design. The layout is still easy to use and allows people to get in and out of the pool in seconds.

At eight feet in size, this pool is large enough for big kids to enjoy splashing around in. It also works as a good place for kids to practice their swimming skills in. The pool is also tall enough for kids to have plenty of room for swimming in.


  • Clearly labeled fill line
  • Small ports keep air from leaking quickly
  • 3D goggles fit comfortable
  • The pattern on the pool does not wear out fast

  • Only works with a filter pump
  • Does not come with said filter pump


The layout of this pool makes it suitable for big kids who want to learn to swim. There is enough room around this pool for kids to practice swimming.


Large Pools

  1. Summer Waves 12’ x 36” Quick Set Ring Above Ground Pool with Pump


Summer Waves 12’ x 36” Quick Set Ring Above Ground Pool with PumpThe dynamic gray wicker body of this Summer Waves pool features a triple-layer PVC surface. The sidewalls feature a polyester mesh surface that keeps the design of the pool sturdy and comfortable. The pool is 12 feet wide and 36 inches deep, thus producing a suitable space for adults and larger kids to hang out and enjoy some time.

A filter pump comes with this pool. The pump works by allowing water to flow evenly throughout the pool surface.

You can start using this pool by inflating the top ring to produce a consistent level of air. An outside air pump can help you get the pool up and running in a few minutes. You would then fill the pool up with water to make it work. The pump will keep the water moving evenly and smoothly all the way through.

A quick release drain plug is included on the body. The plug allows you to open up the pool from the side. You will use the plug feature when you need to let out water as necessary. This produces support for removing old water from the pool, especially if the water is dirty.


  • Sturdy outside body
  • Comfortable lining on the inside
  • Fast pumping
  • The detailed outside pattern creates a natural look

  • At more than 30 pounds, the pool is a heavy model
  • The floor feels rather soft


The natural appearance of this pool and the ability to make it start working fast gives this Summer Waves pool a passing grade.


Large Metal Frame Pools

  1. Summer Waves 8’ Metal Frame Pool Set


Summer Waves 8’ Metal Frame Pool SetThe metal frame around this pool keeps the body intact without risking leaks. The structure is eight feet in diameter and close to three feet high.

The pump on this frame goes on the side. The pumping station uses a filtration cartridge to take in anything harmful that enters into the water, thus ensuring the pool stays clean all the way through. The hose on the side of the pump allows the water to move around evenly, thus creating a comfortable wave-like effect.


  • The metal frame stays sturdy and upright
  • Easy to set up the pump
  • Filtration keeps the water comfortable
  • Takes about 30 minutes to get the pool filled

  • Cartridge can run out of power and capacity quickly
  • Weighs around 40 pounds


The design and filtration features of this Summer Waves pool make it an attractive item for outdoor entertainment during the summer months.


  1. Summer Waves 12’ x 30” Metal Frame Pool


Summer Waves 12’ x 30” Metal Frame PoolThis outdoor pool features a skimmer that links to a filtration system. The design of the skimmer allows water that moves in to flow into the filter and then move back into the pool through the attached pump nearby.

The pool is twelve feet in size and can fit around 1,700 gallons of water at a time. The metal frame features an even number of legs all around to create a sturdy body. The poles on the corners and the base poles at the top generate support for the three-ply surface.


  • Pool body does not puncture
  • The metal frame resists rust
  • The snap-on joints make assembly easy
  • The feet keep the pool on the ground

  • Takes a while to get the pool filled up
  • The filter can be quickly overwhelmed


This Summer Waves pool is best for big party events thanks to its durable design and large capacity.


  1. Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame 15’ x 48” Pool


Summer Waves Elite Metal Frame 15’ x 48” PoolAs one of the largest pools that Summer Waves offers, this 15-foot pool is four feet deep and comes with a metal frame. The frame supports a heavy gauge PVC surface. The polyester mesh lining on the inside produces a soft surface around the sides of the pool and on the floor as well. A band can be seen on the bottom part of the outside frame to produce support to keep the frame in its place. The inside of the pool is also large enough to fit 4,400 gallons of water.

An A-frame ladder comes with the pool. The ladder can be aligned to the side of the pool. The feet will stick in place with sturdy stoppers, thus making it easy for people to get into the pool.

A cartridge filter is included in this pool. The filter uses a chlorinator that accepts tablets to keep the water clean. A filter comes with a full-size skimming surface. The skimmer basket can be removed when you need to get it cleaned off.


  • Strong ladder
  • Thick PVC body
  • Has enough room for pool toys
  • The metal edges have enough room for securing a tarp on top

  • Takes a while to install
  • Multiple chlorine tablets may be required at a time
  • The skimmer can get clogged up quickly


This Summer Waves pool works best for large-scale party events.


  1. Summer Waves Elite Wicker Print 18’ x 48” Pool


Summer Waves Elite Wicker Print 18’ x 48” PoolThe natural look of this Summer Waves pool is made possible by a wicker print layout on the 18-foot surface. The thick PVC fabric protects the pool and keeps it from deflating. The PVC will also maintain its shape without the PVC walls flexible or bending all that much, although this is provided that the pool is filled up all the way.

The filter pump can support around 1,500 gallons of water in around an hour. The cleaning system allows treated water to move throughout the pool, which itself can handle up to 6,600 gallons of water.


  • Comes with a pool cover
  • The filter pump operates quickly
  • Steel body does not rust
  • The pump links up well to the rest of the pool surface

  • Ladder support doesn’t go too deep into the pool
  • Needs extra anchors to keep it on the ground


This pool adds a powerful look that fits in well in your backyard.

Rectangular Pools

  1. Summer Waves Elite Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool, 9 x 18’


Summer Waves Elite Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool, 9 x 18’The first of two rectangular pools to see in this guide, this choice is 18-by-9 feet in size. There are four two-prong supports on the long sides of the pool and two other supports on the short sides. These produce a full system for keeping the pool upright. An A-frame ladder can fit in between these supports with a part of the ladder going deep into the water for easy entry and exit.

The full-surface skimming basket adds an extra layer of filtration. The skimming basket can be removed as necessary. A vacuum head and hose can also be utilized around the water to clear out debris before chlorinating the water.

The four-foot depth of this pool adds enough room for entertainment all around. The size makes this suitable for use at many big outdoor parties. The vinyl surface adds an extra level of protection as it keeps the pool from coming apart or leaking.


  • Simple design setup
  • Easy to move the ladder around
  • Pump and filtration system both work fast

  • Cannot be moved around after fully assembled
  • Vinyl feels rough in places


This choice is designed with large-scale entertaining needs in mind thanks to its strong layout.

Summer Waves Elite Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool, 12’ x 24’


Summer Waves Elite Rectangular Metal Frame Swimming Pool, 12’ x 24’The last of the Summer Waves pool reviews to see entails one for this massive model. This is designed like the other rectangular metal frame pool, but it features six two-prong metal supports on the long sides and three of those supports on the short sides. At 12-by-24 feet in size and about four feet in depth, the pool is suitable for not only big parts but also for fun activities like water volleyball.

The PVC body is reinforced to withstand the weight of the water added to the body. The A-line ladder that you add into the pool can be secured onto the side in just moments.


  • The filtration system works quickly
  • The included cover fits quickly on the sides
  • PVC surface feels good on the skin

  • The chlorinator takes a bit to read chlorine tablets
  • Requires extra effort in assembly


This pool model works well for cases where you want to set up a pool that will stay in your yard throughout the entire summer. It is also for when you want to bring in more people to enjoy your pool.

Benefits Of summer waves pool:

The good news is that you can invest in an above-ground pool. These pools do not cost a fortune and take up lesser space as compared to a fully-built swimming pool. How about buying a summer waves pool?

Here are the benefits of investing in above-ground swimming pools –

  • Cost – You will save thousands of dollars. When you have an in-ground swimming pool, it requires you to pay additional property taxes. The above-ground pools are not permanent and you can buy them from online sites at a low cost.
  • Features – Although the summer wave pools are smaller in size as compared to the in-ground pools but they can accommodate your entire family. Some of them come with special features like a water fountain and diving boards.
  • Installation – Building an in-ground swimming pool takes a lot of time and labor. Installing the above-ground swimming pool is easy and fast.
  • Safety – You would be happy to know that the above-ground swimming pools are safe for children and pets. There are fewer chances of them falling into the above-ground swimming pools.

The purpose is to have a pool in your backyard. Having an above-ground swimming pool solves the purpose of having a summer escape! Why should you go all the way to a resort to spend your summer holidays? Your kids and other family members would enjoy the above-ground pool!

Now that you are aware of the advantages of having an above-ground pool, you may be looking for the best options. You have landed on the right page because we are going to share some of the best products available in the market. We have reviewed each product with utmost care!

For your information, we have also added a buying guide in this article. This will help you to make a wise decision! Take a quick look at the Summer Waves pool reviews and buy the best product!

Summer Waves Pool FAQ 

  1. How High Should I fill It?

Answer : It would be great to fill your pool two third’s up. The summer waves above ground pool can take up to 8241 gallons so you could use that measurement as well.

  1. Can It Handle Dog Nails On The Frame?

Answer : The frame is made from metal and can withstand heavy and rough use. The frame will not be destroyed by dog scratches but you will find some scratch marks on the frame if the dog scratches often.

  1. What Type of Filter Does This Pool Use?

Answer : The pool uses a 1500-gallon filter system. It also comes with an SFS350 SkimmerPlus 110/120V filter pump with GFCI.

  1. Can I Winterize This Pool?

Answer : Yes

Final Word:

Did you find what you were looking for? If yes, then show us some love by liking this post. In-ground pools are expensive and it is time-consuming to build them. It is best to invest in a Summer Waves Pool which is easy to install and clean. You would save lots of money by investing in an above-ground pool.

Make your backyard the coolest spot to hang out with your friends and family members! You do not need an in-ground pool for a pool party. Invest in one of the pools mentioned-above and have the most amazing and fun-filled summer holidays!

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