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Summer season is almost here and you may be thinking of investing in a good pool! While building a swimming pool may be an excellent idea but for some people, there are space constraints. Most people dream of building a swimming pool but it requires a lot of money and space. You would need to hire someone to create a fashionable pool for you! Building an in-ground swimming pool is expensive.

summer waves pool reviews

The good news is that you can invest in an above-ground pool. These pools do not cost a fortune and take up lesser space as compared to a fully-built swimming pool. How about buying a summer waves pool?

Here are the benefits of investing in above-ground swimming pools –

  • Cost – You will save thousands of dollars. When you have an in-ground swimming pool, it requires you to pay additional property taxes. The above-ground pools are not permanent and you can buy them from online sites at a low cost.
  • Features – Although the summer wave pools are smaller in size as compared to the in-ground pools but they can accommodate your entire family. Some of them come with special features like a water fountain and diving boards.
  • Installation – Building an in-ground swimming pool takes a lot of time and labor. Installing the above-ground swimming pool is easy and fast.
  • Safety – You would be happy to know that the above-ground swimming pools are safe for children and pets. There are fewer chances of them falling into the above-ground swimming pools.

The purpose is to have a pool in your backyard. Having an above-ground swimming pool solves the purpose of having a summer escape! Why should you go all the way to a resort to spend your summer holidays? Your kids and other family members would enjoy the above-ground pool!

Now that you are aware of the advantages of having an above-ground pool, you may be looking for the best options. You have landed on the right page because we are going to share some of the best products available in the market. We have reviewed each product with utmost care!

For your information, we have also added a buying guide in this article. This will help you to make a wise decision! Take a quick look at the Summer Waves pool reviews and buy the best product!

The Best Above Ground Pools for Summer Escape

  1. Summer Waves Elite Wicker Print 18′ x 48″

Summer Waves Elite Wicker Print 18' x 48 Above Ground Frame Pool Set with Pump 

The Summer Waves Elite Wicker Print 18′ x 48″ Above Ground Frame Pool Set with Pump is an excellent addition to your backyard. Your entire family can jump in the pool and make merry on a Sunday afternoon. It is one of the best above-ground pool available in the market. Take a look at the pros and cons of the product.


  • Durable metal frame summer waves pool liner
  • The summer pool pump can be cleaned easily.
  • 18 foot by 48-inch pool set
  • Easy to set up
  • It includes a maintenance kit, pool cover, filter pump, ladder and ground cloth.


  • According to some reviewers and users of this product, they found that the cover does not fit the pool.
  • Some buyers thought that the product is overpriced.

Final verdict

 The product has received positive reviews from the buyers. Most of the buyers were happy that the pump works great. The second positive aspect of this product is that it is highly durable. Some reviewers felt that it is an overpriced product.

  1. Summer Waves Elite 18’x9’x52″ Rectangular Frame Pool

Summer Waves Elite 18'x9'x52 Rectangular Frame Pool with 10 Sand Filter Pump system

The Summer Waves Elite 18’x9’x52″ Rectangular Frame Pool with 10″ Sand Filter Pump system is stylish looking and it is spacious for your friends and family members. The positive aspect of this pool is that it is easy to maintain. Most importantly, the buyers love the Summer Waves Elite rectangular pool for its stylish looks.


  • It is a beautifully-designed product which has mosaic tiles and pleasing colors.
  • Much superior than the traditional metal frame pools
  • Pool maintenance kit is available for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • 3-ply puncture resistant material used for durability
  • The 18ft pool comes with a ground cloth, 10’ sand filter pump system, ladder, cover, and maintenance kit.


  • It is slightly more expensive as compared to other products available in the market.

Final verdict:

The reviewers have rated it 5/5 on Amazon. It is an excellent product which needs to be taken home! The product looks great and is absolutely durable. If you want a spacious rectangular pool which is easy to clean then you must take this home!

  1. Summer Waves 15′ x 42″ Metal Frame Pool

The Summer Waves 15′ x 42″ Metal Frame Pool is the ideal above-ground pool for your nuclear family. On a Sunday afternoon, you and your family can chill in this lovely round pool. You can create a cool hangout spot for your friends and family with this ultra-cool Summer Waves pool which is budget-friendly. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of the product.

Summer Waves 15' x 42 Metal Frame Pool


  • The product fits your budget. It is not as expensive as other products available in the market.
  • It comes with a deluxe kit
  • Blue pool with white logo
  • Easy to install
  • It comes with accessories such as ground cloth, ladder, maintenance kit, and cover.


  • According to existing buyers, the pool frame is not as sturdy/durable as compared to other products.

Final Verdict

The Summer Waves 15ft quick set pool is easy to install and it does not cost a fortune. The frame is not as durable as other expensive products. You are getting a good above-ground pool at a reasonable price. It solves the purpose but there are many superior products available in the market. The above-mentioned Summer pool is superior than this version.

Summer Waves Pool FAQ 
  1. How High Should I fill It?

Answer : It would be great to fill your pool two third’s up. The summer waves above ground pool can take up to 8241 gallons so you could use that measurement as well.

  1. Can It Handle Dog Nails On The Frame?

Answer : The frame is made from metal and can withstand heavy and rough use. The frame will not be destroyed by dog scratches but you will find some scratch marks on the frame if the dog scratches often.

  1. What Type of Filter Does This Pool Use?

Answer : The pool uses a 1500-gallon filter system. It also comes with an SFS350 SkimmerPlus 110/120V filter pump with GFCI.

  1. Can I Winterize This Pool?

Answer : Yes

Final Word:

Did you find what you were looking for? If yes, then show us some love by liking this post. In-ground pools are expensive and it is time-consuming to build them. It is best to invest in a Summer Waves Pool which is easy to install and clean. You would save lots of money by investing in an above-ground pool.

Make your backyard the coolest spot to hang out with your friends and family members! You do not need an in-ground pool for a pool party. Invest in one of the pools mentioned-above and have the most amazing and fun-filled summer holidays!

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