Heritage Above Ground Pools to Cool You Off This Summer!

Everyone loves a swimming pool and they are exactly what everyone needs in the summer. The Heritage above ground pool reviews just like many other brand reviews helps us choose a pool model when we decide to choose an above ground pool. We know you cannot always go through the hectic hassle of digging up a pool just to cool off. The above ground pool is definitely a great innovation that saves everyone and makes it convenient for everyone to own a pool. These pools allow you to transform your home into a fun place during summer. Our article gives you a great guide to buying a Heritage above ground pool.

Heritage above ground pool reviews

Heritage Above Ground Pool Reviews

  1. Heritage TA 301552GP-DXP Taos Complete Above Ground Pool TAKE A COOL PLUNGE THIS SUMMER

HERITAGE TA 301552GP-DXP TAOSThe Heritage above ground pool is well made with a 7” painted galvanized steel ledge. The size of this pool is 30-Feet x 15-Feet x 52-Inch. It comes with a heavy-duty resin ladder with flip anti-entry staircase. This Heritage pool easily passes as the best above ground 2017. This above ground pool comes exactly as described. It also does what you expect it to do. You would not want to refit the pool after the set up is done simply because the ground is not leveled up. It is, therefore, recommended that you make sure the ground is leveled up before you start the setup.


  • The Heritage TA above ground pool is sturdy.
  • The pool is large enough for you to do your laps and have a family pool party.
  • The wall patterns are really nice.

  • Unfortunately, the heritage ground pool is not easy to install. You might need to hire someone to do it for you. That is an additional cost

2. Heritage TA 2752GP-DXP Taos Complete Above Ground Pool SUMMER CANNOT BE ANY BETTER

HERITAGE TA 2752GP-DXP TAOSThis model comes in the size of 27-Feet x 52-Inch. There are separate instructions for the pool, pump, filter, ladder, and skimmer. This makes the installation pretty simple. You can use salt water in this pool. The heritage above ground pool manufacturers has really made a great effort to ensure that this swimming pool holds up really well even after you have used it for several months.


  • This model of the Heritage above ground pool is easy to set up. Three people can easily set this up with ease.
  • This model is the best permanent above ground pool when you consider its sturdiness.

  • There is no extra hardware to replace missing hardware.
  • Also, the instructions were prepared for several models so it can be confusing. It is difficult to match up the instructions to the right model. The instructions were also not thorough.

3. Heritage YO 1552SFP Yosemite Complete Above Ground Pool COOL OFF WITH YOUR FAVORITE PEOPLE IN STYLE

HERITAGE YO 1552SFP YOSEMITEThis Heritage above ground pool is rated above most of the ground pools within this price range. This pool is easy to set up and the plug works just fine. This pool does what you expect it to do. It is the ideal outdoor hangout for the entire family. The filter works well. The pool is 15-Feet x 52-Inch.


  • The pools look nice when you are done with the setup.
  • It is large enough to accommodate enough people for a fun-filled swim.
  • This ground pool survives the winter, you do not have to worry much when you keep it outside.

  • However, it does not come with a cover. If you wish to cover the pool at any point in time, you would need to purchase a cover separately.
  • The ladder works well. However, it cannot support someone who weighs over 200lb.
  • Unfortunately, the instructions are also poorly interpreted.


  1. Can This Pool Be Changed To Salt Water Filter System?

Answer: Yes, most users have done it and it works just fine.

  1. Do You Need To Put Sand Under The Pool With The Gorilla Mat?

Answer: You would need to put sand under the mat but not everywhere. The sand is only needed at the sides.

  1. How Many Vertical Uprights Are There?

Answer: This pool has 12 vertical uprights.

  1. How Does The Outside Stairs Lift When Not In Use?

Answer: Many people do not lift the ladder. However, the process of lifting it is very easy if you want to. You just lift the outside stairs out and put out the screw that holds them. This process would not affect the inside stairs.

Final Verdict: Above ground pools have been adopted by many people simply because it is not as expensive as the traditional pools and your pool moves with you should you decide to relocate. The best above ground pools must be durable, they must hold up well in the winter, and they must be easy to set up. An underground pool must be safe for use and must have cleaning options. A good above ground pool must also be strong enough to hold lots of people. The best pool is, therefore, a pool that meets all these specifications.

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