Ideal Spa Pads for Hot Tubs

Will there be anyone who would not like to escape into the backyard for a soothing and relaxing spa time after a tough day at work? Nobody! Hot tubs not just offer some warm time, but also some peaceful, fun time also with your loved ones. Looking to buy a hot tub? Well, before you bring home one, make sure you are ready with the foundation for your new getaway. Installation can be a little stressful, though, but then it is just preparation to have a stress free spa-time. While concretes, crushed stones etc. had been the traditional foundations for hot tubs, prefabricated spa pads are quite ‘in’.

Spa pads, though bit expensive, are worth for money. They are simply quite less a hassle.

Spa pads offer a lot of advantages as well as some shortcomings over the conventional hot tub foundation methods.

Benefits and Shortcomings of Spa Pads

hot tub spa pads

While considering the advantages, spa pads do have an edge. Though you still have to prepare the ground to keep the pad just like you will have to, in the case of the conventional hot tub foundations, you will have much less to worry about. In comparisons to concrete foundations, spa pads offer better durability and performance.

They, at first place, eliminate the tension of cracking or breaking over time as in the case of concretes. With thousands of pounds of weight over it, the concrete can stand just a few years. However, it is not the same with spa pads. A good quality spa pad like EZpads consists of high-density materials. This helps them resist wear and tear, or any kind of cracks. They would stand decades without as much as a crack.

Another advantage that spa pads offer is the ease of movement. If you are buying a portable spa, you might want to relocate it after some time, just in case. Spa pads are relatively less bulky and are quite easy to relocate. Unlike in the case of concrete, that cannot be relocated, spa pads can be used efficiently even after a shift.

Also, while it would take you days to finish up conventional foundation methods, spa pads hardly take any time. Moreover, they can work with roughly any surface.

Now, while spa pads offer numerous benefits, they have their own shortcomings as well. Though they reduce the work burden, they do not ‘totally’ eliminate the site preparation. You will still need to dig up or prepare accordingly. You will have to find and prepare a well-drained region. Also, they are relatively expensive than other options. However, in long run, spa pads are cost effective.


So, according to your requirements, you can choose a concrete or other traditional ways or spa pad. If you expect a relocation sooner or later, or are searching for lasting options, spa pads are for you!

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