Intex Prism Frame Pool Reviews

It used to be a myth that pools provided status. Not everyone could afford one and those who could be, usually better off than anyone else. Over the years with the increase of technology and popularity pools have come down in terms of price and now almost everyone can afford to have one in their backyard.

Our Intex prism frame pool reviews will describe two pools that will fit any budget and look good as well.

Why Own A Intex Pool?

Best Intex Prism Frame Pool Set Reviews

There are great reasons why someone should own a pool. These reasons go beyond the fun factor.

  • It is healthy- you get great exercise and can lower your blood pressure and stress.
  • You learn a skill- you and your family can learn how to swim.
  • It’s a positive form of entertainment- it is a better option than paying high movie or concert prices.
  • It’s convenient and saves you money- you will save on gas, admission prices and so on.
  • It is safe- you know where your kids are

 1.Intex Prism Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump

Intex Prism Frame Pool Set with Filter PumpTechnology has come to the above-ground backyard pool world. Gone are the days where the hard to assemble metal pools ruled the home swimming world. The prism frame pools are easy to assemble, and their 3-ply puncture resistant material is supported by a powdered coated steel frame.

The powder coat prevents the steel tubing from rusting and helps the pool look great. The cartridge filter pump is based upon the best hydro aeration technology, which helps improve circulation and keeps the water healthier.

The filter pump can process up to 2500 gallons per hour and works of the standard 110-120 electrical power supply. The pool once assembled, will hold up to approx. 12,500 gallons of water. This pool set includes ground cover, ladder and pool cover. It also includes an instruction manual with DVD to guide you through putting together your new pool. The pool measures 24 feet by 52 inches in size.

Caution: Never set up the pool on uneven ground, sand, mud or other loose dirt conditions.


  • 2500 gph filtering
  • The size and water capacity
  • Easy to assemble

  • Pump may be a little weak for the pool size
  • Poor customer service

2.Intex Prism Frame Rectangular Pool Set

Intex Prism Frame Rectangular Pool SetSize doesn’t always matter. They say that good things come in little packages. This pool only measures 16 feet by 8 feet by 42 inches, but you still can enjoy all the other reasons why you should own a pool.

This pool is perfect for those families that have smaller yards. They won’t miss out on the powdered coating steel tube frame (that prevents rusting), the hydro technology that improves water circulation and health conditions, and the cartridge filter pump which is rated for 1000 gph.

Other features that you can avail of buying this pool are the ladder, ground cover, and debris cover. This pool is easy to drain, just make sure you drain the water away from any structures or fencing.

As with other pools, you still need to place this small unit on the level, solid ground. You will lose out on fun and safety if you place it on sand, mud or loose dirt.


  • Fits almost any backyard
  • Great for families with small children
  • The technology updates

  • Small pump gph filtering
  • No water capacity limit

Practicing Pool Safety

Even with smaller pools you still need to practice pool safety. Some of the guidelines for great pool ownership and safety are:

  • Keep a check on the fence – to prevent accidents before they happen
  • Monitor the pool- do this whenever the pool is in use, especially by little children
  • Don’t play with the drain- you could cause yourself some sort of bodily injury if you do
  • Learn life-saving techniques- you never know when these will come in handy. Accidents happen uninformed
Most Common Question About Intex Prism Frame Pool
  1. How To Care For Intex Above Ground Pool.

Answer: There are several methods you can undertake to care for your pool. The water level should always be around the mid-skimmer. The chlorine level of the water should be between 2.0 to 4.0 ppm at all times. you should also run the filter in the pool every 12 to 18 hours. You should also shock your pool once every month. However, pools that are located in areas of very high temperature should undertake processes more often than pools located in areas of low temperatures. This is because high temperatures make the pool dirty faster.

  1. How To Drain Water from Intex Above Ground Pool.

Answer: You can empty your pool using the drain plug. If you want to direct the water from the pool to somewhere else, then you can connect a hose to the drain plug and dispose the water to your desired location. If you want to completely clear all water in the pool, then you use a vacuum pump to drain the remaining water. You should use the vacuum while standing outside. You can dry the insides of the pool by getting inside and mopping the insides until it dries up.

  1. How To Set up an Intex Prism Frame Above Ground Pool.

Answer: The process of setting up this pool is pretty much straightforward. Prepare the ground on which you want to set up your pool. Make sure the ground is leveled. Clear all vegetation as well. now lay out your liner on the ground. Assemble the frame for your pool. Inflate your ring and fill the pool with water. You can now attach your ladder. Usually, the pool comes with an instructional manual or DVD for the setup process. This will help you to get it right.

  1. Does This Pool Come With A Liner?

Answer: It depends on the model you purchase. Some Intex pools come with a liner whilst others do not.

  1. What Is The Difference Between a Prism Frame and an Ultra Frame?

Answer: The difference between the two is the strength. The Ultra Frame has more strength than the Prism frame. The Ultra frame is also a lot more expensive and is also large enough for an entire family. Even though the Ultra frame is difficult to maintain, its standard and specifications are higher than the Prism frame. The Ultra frame, on the other hand, is easier to maintain.

  1. Which is Studier, the Prism Frame or the Ultra Frame?

Answer: The Ultra Frame is sturdier than the Prism Frame.

  1. Is The Intex Prism Pool Good For Concrete Surface Backyard?

Answer: The Intex Prism pool needs a sturdy surface to make the installation and the usage easier. If you do not have a hard surface, you can still install a concrete surface if the ground is too soft. The concrete surface works well for the Intex Prism pool.

Some Final Words

No matter what size of backyard you have, Intex has a pool for you. You can enjoy all the advantages of owning a pool. You get positive and healthier entertainment,you control the hours of operation andyou set the rules.

Another great reason to purchase your own pool is that you will know where your kids are. They won’t be running off to who knows where in town. They will want to stay close to home to enjoy their swimming fun.

Also, owning the Intex prism frame pool set will save you money. You won’t spend gas driving your kids to their preferred choice of entertainment, pay high admission fees or high concert or movie ticket prices.

Our Intex prism frame pool reviews are designed to help you make the right decision when it comes to owning your own pool.

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