How to Throw a Pool Party for Adults

Pool party- the word is enough to bring the adrenaline rush in the body. When the summers become scorching and getting out from home looks tiresome, pool party comes to rescue. Splashing the water in a pool with friends is nothing less than a perfect moment to cherish forever.

How to throw a pool party for adults


Pool parties are a great way to enjoy the summers without the fear of getting tanned or heat stroke. All that you need is a good prep and amazing friends.

So, here are a few tips that could help you entertain your guests along the poolside with little adult preparations. It’s time for you and your friends to forget about the world and enjoy an adult pool party together.

  • Select a Theme

A theme party has its own fun. With a poolside, you get plenty of options. However, ensure that you pick a brighter theme to make the day more lively and vibrant. No one wants to be dull at a pool party.  From the beach towels to the tableware, décor everything with colors that match the mood and uplift it even more.

  • Products that Don’t Break

When it’s a pool party, the chances of your guests being barefoot is very high. Therefore, make sure that your cutlery is not breakable. You don’t want your guests to get hurt, right? The best thing to use here is paper plates. Melamine version of the products also serves the purpose and them last forever.

  • Décor with Perfection

Some great décor tips for a pool party are-

–    With a pool party, experiment with products that could endow more natural look. Let the natural beauty of your landscape add to the worth of your party.

–    Balloons are perfect for pool parties. Take balloons matching your theme. You may either blow them and hang in different paces or just let them float in the water.

–    Drink tables and the buffet are the places where you can use paper garlands. Honeycomb lanterns also look amazing by the poolside. For table tops, you may use bouquets of bright summer blooms and give a pretty look.

  • Easy Appetizers to Fill the Stomach

When it’s a pool party, guests are always ‘on the go’ mood. Pick the appetizers that are not very fussy. Fresh fruits and raw eatable vegetables make an excellent choice. Appetizers with little bites are easy to serve and eat. Mozzarella stuffed cherry tomatoes, watermelon, feta and mint salad are some typical examples. They not only keep you hydrated but are easy to munch as well.

  • Grill Foods for All

For every summer party, grilled food is the star of the meal. They not only meet the mood but uplift its manifolds. You can go with grilled hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, hot dogs and a variety of vegetables. Consider food items as per your guests being vegetarian or non-vegetarian so that there is no wastage.

  • Drinks for the Summers

Pool parties are incomplete without refreshing drinks. And when it’s an adult pool party, trying different cocktails becomes a must. However, regular soda, beer or canned wines are always great to set the mood. To quench the thirst, instead of plain water you may opt to lemon water or different lemonades like vodka strawberry lemonades. Try searching the recipes of different drinks that hydrates the body. With a pool party, the chances of dehydration are always high.

  • Desserts to Make it Sweeter

When it comes to desserts for a pool party, keeping it simple and sweet meet the needs. Try different flavors of ice-cream with a bunch of different fixings. Whipped cream and with a cherry on the top seems perfect. Let the guests help themselves with these things. Don’t bother to bake something sweet for a pool party. Instead, pick fruit flavored popsicles and ice-cold desserts.

  • Splash All Around

When it’s an adult pool party, having playful pool floats become necessary. Coming in the shape of flamingos, swan, popsicles, unicorn, pizza slice are some typical examples. They look perfect floating in the water. Other than this, you could get different water toys as well. Hula-hoops, diving rings make an excellent choice.

When you are throwing a pool party, you want your guests to enjoy every bit of it, isn’t it? So always try to make the things cool and interesting-whether its theme, food, dress, drinks or desserts. Adding a pinch of excitement with different games will make the things more enjoyable and fun. So, start planning now!

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