Tips for Meditating In Your Hot Tub


When you are in a hot tub you naturally feel more relaxed, comfortable and at peace. In a hot tub, the person’s stress levels decrease and the person feels calmer and more at peace. Therefore it is perfect to meditate when in the hot tub. Here are some tips to make the meditation process even better:

  1. You should take it slow. If you are new to meditation, you should put the timer for 5 or 10 minutes at the most. Seasoned people can increase the time to 15-20 minutes. Meditation is a slow process and needs time to get into the groove.
  2. You should sit comfortably and feel the contact of the body parts with the water. Do not try to force yourself into a position you are not comfortable just because that is the ideal pose for meditation.
  3. You should ensure there are minimal or no distractions and you should focus on the calm surface of the water. You should definitely not keep your phone near you and inform your family and friends not to disturb you.
  4. Your breathing should be slow and you should take deep breaths. Allow your breathing to follow it’s natural rhythm and does not force it. If you find your breathing is still rapid, concentrate on it and it will start to slow down.
  5. You should focus on the present and when distracting thoughts come, you should be in the moment, acknowledge that you have the thought but do not dwell on it.
  6. You should put on soothing music as that will help calm you and relax you better. It is better to have instrumental soothing music rather than fast beats or loud lyrics.
  7. You can try repetition of tunes or a mantra or a song if that helps you bring your mind to the present and prevents it from wandering.
  8. You can use fragrance to help you relax better. There are some soothing scents like lavender which help you feel calmer and more relaxed and aid in meditation. You can use scented candles to this effect as well.

There are different techniques to meditation, you should choose the one that you find most suits you.

Tips for Meditating In Your Hot Tub

Techniques for Meditation

You can try waterfall meditation which consists of you imagining that you are in a warm crystal clear pool surrounded by lush foliage and there is a waterfall which is cascading in front of you. The waterfall fills you and your breathing is in the same rhythm of the waterfall.

The hot springs meditation consists of imagining that you are travelling to a jungle or a cliff which is overlooking the ocean or a desert island or some exotic location and being in that bliss.

The stream meditation consists of imagining you are near a babbling brook or a stream and feel the water rushing around you and flowing. then, you can match your breath to the rhythm while it purifies and cleanses you.

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