The Best Above Ground Pool Skimmer to Clean Your Pool

One of the most worrying things about anyone having a pool is making it free of debris and filths. While a lot of devices have been made and are present in the market that can cater the need, the ones which are easy to use always attract the eyeballs. Above ground, pool skimmers fall under the same category and this is the reason why they are always in demand.

Best Above Ground Pool Skimmer

So here we have compiled a detailed list of some of the best and most suitable skimmers for above ground pool. So check them out and decide which one suits you the most.

  1. ProTuff Pool Leaf Net Professional Grade Medium Fine Mesh Pool Skimmer

    PROTUFF POOL LEAF NET PROFESSIONAL GRADE MEDIUM FINE MESH POOL SKIMMERThe pool skimmer from ProTuff is one of those which are authentic and reliable enough to splurge upon. Coming with a 100% forever guarantee the durability of the product cannot be questioned.


  • It is made up of aluminum alloy frame which makes the whole product strong and long-lasting.
  • The nylon bag of the skimmer is double stitched to make it extra strong and resistant to abrasion.
  • The rim is made up of plastic and is perfect for all types of pools.

  • The curve of the pitch didn’t make it too good for scooping large debris.

2. Hayward SP1091LX Dyna-Skim Above-Ground Pool Skimmer

HAYWARD SP1091LX DYNA-SKIM ABOVE-GROUND POOL SKIMMERHayward is one of those brands which manufacture the most reliable and trustworthy above ground pool skimmers. Due to the presence of a large basket for collecting the debris, it helps clean pool faster.


  • It is manufactured with the help of heavy duty ABS material which makes it long lasting and durable.
  • The presence of removable weir makes it easy to use.
  • They are made to be used by the pools which comprise wide top seat.

  • Although it’s a great product but doesn’t come with a winter plate.

3. Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

INTEX DELUXE WALL MOUNT SURFACE SKIMMERThe Intex above ground pool skimmer is yet another reliable product to splurge upon. Comes in blue and black color, this product easily mounts on the sidewalls of the metal frame pool. The presence of adjustable brackets mounting makes it hassle-free and simple.


  • It can be attached to the filter pump in order to take up the debris automatically.
  • Made up of polypropylene plastic the product doesn’t get affected by the chemicals and is durable as well.
  • It didn’t let the debris to settle down at the bottom of the pool and remove them beforehand.

  • The walkout of the skimmer is wobbly and sometimes didn’t stop at a place.

4. Hayward SP1091WM Dyna-Skim Above-Ground Pool Skimmer

HAYWARD SP1091WM DYNA-SKIM ABOVE-GROUND POOL SKIMMERThe Hayward above ground pool skimmer is the next wonderful product on our list. With its alluring features, it has become one of the most authentic products of the time. The presence of a large basket for collecting the debris makes sure that the pool will remain neat and clean.


  • Made up of UV resistant ABS material it is durable and long-lasting.
  • The removable weir which can be snapped in when in use makes it user-friendly.
  • It is perfect for the pools with a wide top seat.

  • This skimmer didn’t have a standard size faceplate.

Perfectlol Pool Skimmer Socks:

PERFECTLOL POOL SKIMMER SOCKSThese are the best skimmer socks and are considered ideal for filtering all sorts of debris and trashes from the pool. Even the minutes of the materials like hair, small insects and bugs can be separated with the help of these pool skimmer socks.



  • Designed in such a way that they become compatible with every skimmer basket.
  • The fine mesh material of the product lowers down the maintenance cost of the above ground pool skimmer filter.
  • Easy to install and even easier to use.

  • Due to the fine mesh, the debris gets entangled in it which sometimes becomes hard to get rid of.

Common Question’s About Pool Skimmer:

  1. How to install above ground pool skimmer?
  • For installing you need to follow these steps:

– Collect all the parts like a skimmer, wall gasket, faceplate and screws for mounting.

– Fill the pool with water upto 4” from the bottom of the rectangular Skimmer hole.

– Take the wall gasket and place it around the skimmer hole between the wall and liner.

– Now take skimmer and place it on the outside of the wall and over the hole.

– Take the face plate and line it with the hole. Tighten the screw to every corner hole, liner and inside out of the gasket with the help of a screwdriver.

– Tighten the screw completely to mount the skimmer properly with the faceplate.

– Finally, use a flexible hose to connect the skimmer with pool pump.

  1. How to fix a leaking pool skimmer above ground?

Follow these steps:

– Find out from where the leakage is happening.

– Turn the pump off.

– Take off the screws and pull out the faceplate of the skimmer. Remove the gasket.

– Take the new gasket and align it properly with the faceplate and the skimmer. Tighten the screw and your leakage will stop.

  1. What is the skimmer on above ground pool?

The skimmers are used to take away all the debris from the pool. The skimmers are mounted to the wall on above ground pools so the all the filth and trash can be eradicated easily and are called as above ground pool skimmers. They can be easily replaced or modified whenever needed.

Final verdict: While having a pool is luxurious in itself, making it clean and neat is one essential chore to achieve. Therefore having a good above ground pool skimmer is as beneficial as it could be. Since now you get a detailed know-how of the device and every detail of above ground pool skimmer installation, getting one for yourself would be a smart move.

So get one pool skimmer for above ground pool which meets your requirements the most and enjoy seeing your pool free from debris forever.

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