The Best Manual Pool Vacuum

You Finally Got that Pool You Always Wanted

Now you need to maintain it. We understand that the search for the best pool vacuum head may not be an easy one. We have designed this pool vacuum head reviews to help you find the best one to make your maintenance duties easier.

There is nothing wrong with getting a little help in your search. You certainly do not want to throw any money away in these modern times. Take the time to read our reviews. Make your search for the best manual pool vacuum a lot less work and less stressful.

It only takes a few minutes to understand all the differences between the different manual pool vacuums. Take the time and don’t disappoint yourself.

Our Pool Vacuum Head Reviews

1. Poolmaster Vinyl Vacuum Head

POOLMASTER VINYL VACUUM HEADFor over 50 years Poolmaster has been making great, durable and long-lasting pool products. The 27412 is designed to work with all standard vacuum hoses and telescoping pool poles.

To protect your pool, this vacuum head is equipped with a damage-proof bumper and the replaceable brushes are constructed out of polypropylene. This construction keeps the vacuum head at the right weight for ultimate underwater control.

The manufacturer knows that you have better things to do than spend your time cleaning the pool. The made this vacuum head to be 12 inches wide and 9 inches wide. These dimensions allow you to clean more area of the pool in faster time.

The bristles are about 1 inch long to give you better pick up pf the debris that invades your pool. Because it is made mostly of plastic, you need to be careful how you use it. You do not want to put too much pressure or weight on the brush


  • 12 inches wide
  • Durable and strong
  • Lightweight

  • Fragile plastic parts
  • Some quality control issues

2. Milliard Extra-Wide 19″ Heavy-Duty Flexible Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

MILLIARD EXTRA-WIDE 19″ HEAVY-DUTY FLEXIBLE POOL AND SPA VACUUM HEADIf taking less time to clean your pool is your new year goal, then check out the size of this brush. The manufacturer made their vacuum head 19 inches wide, so you do not have to spend a lot of time vacuuming the pool.

The aluminum and plastic construction materials allow this vacuum head to attach to any standard pool pole. It also allows this vacuum head to flex to meet the contours of your pool.

One great feature of this vacuum head is its wheels. These are made out of molded urethane in order to avoid damaging your pool liner. It is also weighted just right to keep the head at the bottom of the pool where it belongs.

The rest of the vacuum head is made out of ABL plastic. This keeps the vacuum headstrong and able to last through years of use. The suction port is 1.5”-wide which keeps the debris from clogging the opening.


  • 19”-vacuum head
  • Wheels for easier vacuuming
  • 5-inch suction port

  • Quality control issues
  • Missing parts

3. Swimline Clear Weighted Triangle Pool Vacuum Head

SWIMLINE CLEAR WEIGHTED TRIANGLE POOL VACUUM HEADThe rectangle designs have nothing over this version of the vacuum head. This triangle design helps you get those hard to clean pool corners. Plus, the brushes are set at an angle, so the vacuum head can pick up the debris a lot faster and easier.

The handle and suction nozzle is made to fit all standard pool poles and vacuum hoses. Also, this vacuum head is specifically designed to work best with fiberglass and vinyl lined pools. You do not have to worry about your pool liners when this vacuum head is on duty.

The triangle design gives you a 12 x 12-inch coverage. This helps you clean your pool in record time. Furthermore, it weighs only 2.8 pounds. This means that not only will the vacuum head stay on the pool floor, you will be able to handle it with ease.

One final good feature is that the hose connection turns. This means you do not waste tie unkinking the vacuum hose.


  • The triangle shape
  • Angled brushes
  • Lightweight

  • Slightly fragile
  • Non-continuous bristle brim

4. Splash Pools 20320 Wide Vacuum with Side BrushSPLASH POOLS 20320 WIDE VACUUM WITH SIDE BRUSH

Uniqueness is in the design. Something has to be different in order for this vacuum head to stand out. It has the standard widths to attach to the usual telescoping pool poles and vacuum hoses.

The unique design helps direct all debris to the suction hole. The side brushes help you get to the corners of your pool floor. Plus, the unique design helps you follow the contours of your pool, so cleaning is much easier.

The dimensions of this vacuum head measure 6.5 x 1.5 x 13.8 inches. The extra length allows you to cover more territory quicker. The lightweight makes maneuvering the vacuum less of a chore.

Another item that helps this pool vacuum head hug the floor of your pool are the cast iron weights. These help you keep the vinyl pool vacuum head where it needs to be. This vacuum head is designed for vinyl lined pools.


  • 13 inches of vacuum area
  • Unique design
  • Side brushes

  • Maybe a bit too light
  • Not good for cleaning corners or edges

5. Hayward Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head

HAYWARD POOL VACUUM CLEANER HEADThe SP1068 is another triangular designed vacuum brush. This design helps it rank up there with the best manual pool cleaners. What makes this version of vacuum pool cleaners stand out is its see-through construction.

The tough and strong brushes clean up algae without too much scrubbing. Plus, the contour design helps the vacuum head to clean the corners and edges with ease. Along with all of th

at, the hose head attachment swivels. You do not have to worry about tangling the vacuum hose as you maneuver around the pool.

The main plus this vacuum head has over its competitors is that it is made by Hayward. A company that has bee making pool related products for over 80 years. Their reputation motivates them to make a very durable, quality product. They do not want you to have to worry about the equipment.

This model is made of molded thermoplastic for the best strength possible. It will handle all shapes and sizes of pools.


  • The Hayward tradition
  • Triangular design
  • Heavy duty brushes

  • May stick to the bottom of the pool
  • Some brush issues

6. Poolmaster Air Relief Vinyl Liner Vacuum

POOLMASTER AIR RELIEF VINYL LINER VACUUMThe 27402 from Pool master is designed specifically for vinyl and fiberglass pools. Its rounded edge design helps it pick up debris where the other vacuum heads fail. Its durable nylon brushes both along the edges and underneath the vacuum head keep this unit cleaning for years to come.

What helps this vacuum head to stand out is its stainless-steel handle that holds a tension spring. This added feature helps keep the vacuum head on the floor of the pool. Another great feature is the air relief valves. These help you adjust the suction and swivel functions.

A little wider than the other vacuum heads in this best manual pool vacuum head review but that is okay. Its 15-inch width allows you to clean a larger area of the pool. This means you do not have to spend all day getting the pool clean for someone else. You get time to enjoy the luxury of owning your own pool.


  • 15-inch wide vacuum head
  • Rounded edges
  • Air relief valves

  • Rotating arm problems
  • Bristles are a bit soft

7. Swimline Weighted Flexible Pool Vacuum Head

SWIMLINE WEIGHTED FLEXIBLE POOL VACUUM HEADThis pool vacuum head with brush fits all standard size telescoping pool poles and vacuum hoses (1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches). The weighted head keeps the vacuum on the pool floor and the wheels make vacuuming your pool a lot easier.

The side brushes make cleaning your pool a little faster. They clean the side while you do the edges of your pool. It may weigh only 2.38 pounds but that is enough to keep this 15-inch wide pool vacuum head focused on its duties.

This vacuum head picks up the sand that gets to the bottom of your pool with no trouble. Easy to maneuver, two fingertips can handle it, you will not break out in a sweat when you clean your pool.

The easy to assemble manual pool cleaner is also easy on the back. You will not suffer from back strain when you use this model.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The wheels
  • 15-inch wide cleaning head

  • Bristles are not continuous and miss debris
  • Wheels are a bit fragile
Some Final Words

No matter what, there are enough best manual pool vacuum heads to choose from. All you need to do is decide which one best fits the pool you already own. Just make sure you read all the pool vacuum head reviews. You do not want to waste your money on a dud.The best manual pool vacuum starts with the head.

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