Best 7 Inflatable Dinghy Reviews 2019

Your cruising world is good, but it could get better if you get yourself one of the best inflatable dinghies. While making that choice, keep in mind that it should be great since it is what you will need while cruising. There are various cruisers including Trinka, Dyer, Walker Bay, Fatty Knees as well as Bauer. However, inflatable dinghy stands out from the rest.

Best Inflatable Dinghy Reviews

Looking at options available, they are several hence the need to shortlist the best dinghy. Otherwise, it will become hard for you to choose. Would you forgive yourself if you failed to select a good one and ended up not enjoying your next boat ride? There are high chances that the answer is no. Since we understand that you want something to ensure that you enjoy every bit, we have you covered. There are inflatable dinghy reviews for the best. In addition to that, there is an inclusion of the pros as well as the cons of each. We have included outstanding features as well. With all that information, deciding will be easy. Read on!

1. Newport Vessels Seascape Air Mat Floor Inflatable Tender Dinghy Boat (9-Feet)- BEST CRUISING PARTNER!

NEWPORT VESSELS SEASCAPE AIR MAT FLOOR INFLATABLE TENDER DINGHY BOATNewport Vessels is a brand whose products have passed the test of time which is worthwhile, and its Newport Vessels Seascape Air Mat Floor Inflatable Tender Dinghy Boat follows suit. High-quality Korean PVC is the material. For that reason, it is very durable. Expect rides that are not only stable but also smooth. That is all thanks to its 18-inch tube which is suitable for high speeds as well. It has a PVC drop-stitch high-pressure air mat. Its weight is 78 lbs, but it has a carrying capacity of up to 1,095 lbs. Other things include a beach seat and two oars made of aluminum, maintenance kit, foot pump and drain plug just to mention a few. Dimensions are 26 x 60 x 108 inches. There are the pros and cons that follow next.


  • Both inflating and deflating is easy.
  • Storage after ease is also not difficult.

  • It is limited to carrying a maximum of three people.

2. Inflatable Sports Boats – Dolphin 8.8′ – Model 270 – Air Deck Floor Dinghy with Seat Bag- HEAVY DUTY INFLATABLE DINGHY!

INFLATABLE SPORTS BOATSThe next product is incredible because of its multi-functional nature. You do not expect anything short of excellent quality all thanks to the nautical engineers who design this inflatable dinghy. In addition to that, they have used PVC material. It is resistant to puncture, oil stain as well as UV. It has drop stitch high-pressure air floor made of the same material. There are three chambers, and its maximum power is 10 HP. It weighs 60 lbs with the dimensions of 42 x 24 x 10 inches for secure storage. The inflatable dinghy can handle a maximum of four people. It can hold a maximum weight of 1070 lbs. Some of its cons and pros are as follows.


  • It is durable.
  • The package is a full set which includes a removable seat cushion, an aluminum bench seats, bag, two oars, foot pump as well as a maintenance kit.

  • There is nothing regarding this vessel that you would dislike.

3. Newport Vessels Baja Inflatables Sports Tender Dinghy Boat 11’9”-TAKES BOAT RIDING TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

NEWPORT VESSELS BAJA INFLATABLES SPORTS TENDER DINGHY BOATThis is yet another one from the Newport Vessels that has earned the loyalty of many customers because of its high quality. The PVC material is excellent to the extent that regardless of whether the water is fresh or salty, there are no chances of you parting with it. You can go with a speed of more than 25 meters per seconds making the exercise fun and fabulous. The ride is also smooth because of the stable floor. It can handle a weight of 1,519 lbs and carry up to 6 people. Below are not only its pros but also cons.


  • It is ideal for a large family of about six people.
  • Both carrying and storing is easy.

  • The glue used is unreliable especially if you visit hot places.

4. Inflatable Sports Boats Killer Whale 10.8′ – Model 330 – Aluminum Floor Dinghy with Seat Bag-CRUISER WORTH EVERY PENNY!

INFLATABLE SPORTS BOATS KILLER WHALEThis product is from Inflatable Sports Boats which is formidable when it comes to giving its customer the best. It does not limit you to either fresh or salt water. The inflatable dinghy can carry up to 5 people for a perfect whole family getaway. Convenience is a guarantee because of various reasons. First, the weight is 80 lbs. Secondly, the dimensions are 80 x 24 x 11 inches. In addition to that, it is deflated in a bag which you use for its storage after use. The maximum weight is 1268 lbs. Pros and cons are as stated below.


  • Its maximum power is 15 HP for great fun while remaining stable.
  • The manufacturer has used a strong glue.

  • It is hard to carry because of the aluminum floor.

5. Newport Vessels 10-Feet 6-Inch Newport Inflatable Sports Tender Dinghy Boat-GET THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

NEWPORT VESSELS 10-FEET 6-INCH NEWPORT INFLATABLE SPORTS TENDER DINGHY BOATThis is yet another one from the Newport Vessels which drives home our point that the manufacturers value quality. This particular inflatable dinghy is a perfect size for easy portability. It has an 18-inch tube. For that reason, it remains stable, and the ride is comfortable throughout. Its maximum speed is 20 meters per second. The material used for the boat is PVC while that of the floor is wood with an aluminum frame. It can carry five people with the weight of 1248 lbs. Let’s look at its various pros and cons.


  • The size is ideal for a relatively large family cruising moments.
  • The motor is powerful.

  • It is relatively heavy for transport.

6. Tangkula New 1.2mm PVC 10.5′ Inflatable Boat Tender Raft Dinghy With Floor Gray-PERFECTLY SIZED FOR USE BY THE WHOLE FAMILY!

TANGKULA NEW 1.2MM PVC 10.5′ INFLATABLE BOAT TENDER RAFT DINGHYTangkula has designed this inflatable dinghy with the requirements of a cruising fanatic in mind. All its features are what both the standard and experienced boat riders expect. It is made of PVC which has a thickness of 1.2 mm. For a quiet time, while towing, the manufacturer has put in place stainless steel D-rings. Performance and stability are paramount features and knowing that the inflatable dinghy has a V-shaped hull. It can hold a weight of up to 1248 lbs. The maximum number of people is 5. There are pros and cons highlighted below.


  • Regardless of where at high speed or idle this dinghy is stable.
  • It is easy to tow and row it.

  • It has two seats only.

7. Sea dog 3 person stripboard Inflatable Boat Rafting Fishing Dinghy Tender Pontoon floor Boat 7.5 ft. – IDEAL FOR A SETTING THAT IS NOT OVERCROWDED!

SEA DOG 3 PERSON STRIPBOARD INFLATABLE BOAT RAFTING FISHING DINGHY TENDER PONTOON FLOOR BOATSea Dog has not left its loyal customers without one of the best inflatable dinghies. They have never disappointed them, and they are not even planning to do so. That is why it is in our inflatable dinghy reviews to ensure that you join the other happy cruisers’ fans. For stable movement, the tube has a diameter of 1.18 inches. The dimensions are 90 x 55 x 46 inches. That is a size perfect to hold a maximum of 3 people with weight not exceeding 463 lbs. However, we must take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Its small size ease transportation as well as storage.
  • The tube has a diameter perfect for stability.

  • Its size is small for a big family.

Buying Guide: Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Inflatable Dinghy Include:

  • The number of persons it can hold.
  • The maximum weight it can handle.
  • The material of the boat and the floor.

Those are the options that you should consider when buying an inflatable dinghy. Though the price factor may be beyond our control, it is smart also to put it into consideration. How easy is it to either inflate or deflate the dinghy? Is it perfect for fresh or saltwater or both? With those questions answered and the inflatable dinghy reviews discussed, the decision will be easy.

Final Verdict: For leisure boat riding and taking your cruising to another level, getting yourself one of the best inflatable dinghies. Which one is the perfect size for your family or friends? Which speed are you comfortable with when boat riding? Which water body do you plan to take your fun? The inflatable dinghy will be ideal for all including lakes rivers, ponds, and bays. With these reviews, why are you waiting any longer? Give your family something to make them look forward to the next cruising expenditure.

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