Best One Person Inflatable Fishing Kayaks For You

If you are an adventurous person who enjoys water sports and fish hunting then kayaking is all that could make you feel excited and enthralled. Splashing in water and roaming in the lake, rivers or oceans is one of the most thrilling experiences of life and when you are doing it alone the ecstasy doubles. If you like solo kayaking, having a good and reliable 1 person fishing kayak becomes extremely essential.

Best One Person Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

The extra perk of kayaking is you can go for fish hunting as well with it. Although the market is flooded with numerous brands that make strong and durable kayak for fishing but getting one for personal use becomes very confusing. A lot of questions pop up before expending for the best inflatable fishing kayak. While some people look for a fishing kayak with pedals some look for a tandem fishing kayak. So here we came up with the best 1 person inflatable fishing kayak along with their essential features and specifications. Check them out!

Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Reviews

Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak

SEVYLOR QUIKPAK K1 1-PERSON KAYAKSevylor is one of those brands which manufacture the most reasonable and authentic fishing kayaks. From the easy set up to the user-friendly interface, all works in the favor of the person using it.


  • Made up of highly durable 21-gauge PVC construction.
  • The presence of Airtight® System and Double Lock™ valves ensure security.
  • To protect from punctures there is a tarpaulin bottom as well.

  • The quality of the seam for the seat is little poor.
  1. Airhead Watersports Travel Kayak Deluxe

AIRHEAD WATERSPORTS TRAVEL KAYAK DELUXEThe next in the category is the 1 person fishing kayak from Airhead. Being a great inflatable fishing kayak, it is perfect to splurge if you are looking for doing kayaking at lakes and still water. Due to the water-resistant coatings, it becomes one of the most reliable products of the time.


  • Being very lightweight and compact in design it becomes easy to carry anywhere.
  • The air chambers of the kayak are protected with a rugged 840-denier nylon enhancing its durability.

  • It is not suitable for oceans or rivers and is good to go only for lakes.
  1. Sevylor Rio 1-Person Fishing Canoe

SEVYLOR RIO 1-PERSON FISHING CANOEYet again a worthy product is from Sevylor which due to its ease of suing and durability is preferred by all. From Airtight® System to Sevylor® trolling motor fittings, everything about the kayak is great.


  • Made up of 18-gauge PVC it is perfect to be used roughly in the water.
  • There are a number of air chambers to provide extra safety.
  • For hands-free fishing, there is Berkley® Quick Set Rod Holder.

  • Although perfect for lakes and still water, it is not for the ocean.
  1. Blue Wave Sports Nomad 1 Person Inflatable Kayak

BLUE WAVE SPORTS NOMAD 1 PERSON INFLATABLE KAYAK1 person fishing kayak coming from Blue Wave Sports is the next great product of the time. Measuring around 118-in L x 31-in W it can hold around 231 lbs with ease.


  • It is made up of durable 24 gauge PVC materials.
  • Comes along with oar, fabric seat, foot pump, and footrest.
  • The pressure valve is oversized for easy inflation.

  • One cannot carry too many gears while kayaking as this is relatively a small kayak.
  1. Solstice by Swim line Flare 1 Person Kayak

SOLSTICE BY SWIM LINE FLARE 1 PERSON KAYAKComing in red color the 1 person kayak from Solstice comprises of the footrest in multiple positions so that kayaking could become hassle-free. Made up of durable materials it is good to ponder upon.


  • It is a great inflatable kayak that comes at an affordable price.
  • The drain valve of the product is made like a screw for proper deflation.
  • The use of tough fabric of nylon makes it long lasting.

  • Being a compact one it is not a good kayak bass fishing.
  1. Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9-foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

VIBE KAYAKS SKIPJACK 90 9-FOOT ANGLER SIT ON TOP FISHING KAYAKThis is the next wonderful product which comes along with oar and comfortable kayak seat. It is relatively large kayak which has many storage options as well.


  • The presence of easy-grip handles makes its movability hassle-free.
  • There are paddle parks to secure the oars when not in use.
  • It comes with all the necessary kayak fishing accessories.

  • The seats slide a lot even after fitting the straps tightly.
  1. Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 11 foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

VIBE KAYAKS SEA GHOST 110 11 FOOT ANGLER SIT ON TOP FISHING KAYAKComing with oars and different storage areas this 1 person fishing kayak has a pre-installed rudder system which makes it one of the best to splurge upon. It is perfect for windy days and when the currents are strong.


  • Due to the presence of dual position hero seat, it becomes a great sit-on-top fishing kayak and helps in giving great speed and stability.
  • The rod holders and gear tracks in the kayak, make kayaking hassle-free.
  • There is one fishfinder transducer port as well.

  • Perfect for lakes and still water but not for oceans and water with strong currents. ??? (Please check)

Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Buying Guide:

  1. Learn about the sport completely before heading to buy the kayak or its accessories.
  2. Sort out your preference as for whether you are going to perform kayak at ocean or lake or in still water and chose accordingly.
  3. Look out for the kayaks which are good for providing the stability and provide ease in the water while kayaking.
  4. See how much space the kayak is providing to keep your accessories and hunted fishes.
  5. Know whether you want to sit on the top or inside while kayaking as they are designed differently.
  6. Carefully choose the kayak paddles as they work like the motor of your machine.
  7. And at last always look for the fishing kayak reviews before buying.

FAQ Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

What is a fishing kayak?
  • Kayaks are the most widely used boats for fishing as they are environmentally safe and are easy to transport. Being inexpensive as compared to motorized boats, they are easy to afford as well.
Who makes the best fishing kayak?
  • The kayaks coming from Sevylor, Vibe Kayaks and Airhead are so far considered as the best kayaks of the time at a reasonable price.
How to rig a kayak for fishing?
  • The following steps are involved in it:

 Get a fishing crate and attach it securely to the tank well of your kayak.

 Get a good fish finder before heading to the water.

 Get the best kayak anchors and know how to install it properly to reap the maximum benefits out of your fish kayaking experience.

How to choose a kayak paddle for fishing?
  • Measure the weight of your kayak before buying the paddles. The wider the kayak is, the longer the paddles will be required.

Final verdict:

So with these kayak fishing tips in hand, you could not only get the best 1 person inflatable fishing kayak for yourself but also make your whole experience of fishing worthwhile. So upgrade your kayak and kayaking accessories; customize them as per your needs and you are all set to rock in the water. Wish you a great time and hope you get a lot of fishes!

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