What is the Best Above Ground Pool Cleaner You Can Utilize?

You have to look at how well you are cleaning out your above ground pool throughout the year.

Getting your pool cleaned is vital for not only ensuring that the water is clean but also for keeping cracks and other problems from developing within the pool.

This guide will help you look at how you can find the best above ground pool cleaner for your home.

The report covers the two main types of cleaners you may come across.

  • First, there is the robotic or automatic model that works on its own.
  • Second, there is a manual cleaner that you would control yourself.

The choices you have are attractive, but you should ensure you find only the right type of cleaner that works well within your pool.

Best Above Ground Pool Cleaner Reviews:

Robotic or Automatic Models


1. Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum Pool Vacuum for Intex

best above ground pool vacuum for intex-Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Robotic Your first option for a robotic or automatic model is this Hayward TigerShark choice. The vacuum works with a 90-minute cleaning cycle that operates outside of the filtration system in the pool. The model works well with above ground and in-ground pools alike.

A cartridge filter is included inside the cleaner. You can empty out the filter and then use it to keep the vacuum fully operational. The filter is accessible from the top part of the cleaner, thus giving you simple access to the material in moments.


  • No hoses or other pumps needed
  • Uses two cleaning speeds for quick or in-depth functions
  • Does well with most above ground pool surfaces, including vinyl

  • Can be hard to move around without an optional carrying cart that is sold separately


2. Hayward 900 Suction Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner

best above ground pool robotic cleaner Hayward 900 Suction This is a smaller model from Hayward that does well for smaller above ground pools. The cleaner is noteworthy for offering a fun appearance that comes with a whale, penguin, or bug design.

But the appealing look is just a part of this model; the unit works with a turbine and gear system that allows the water flow to work evenly, thus allowing the model to move well along the pool bottom.

The contoured head allows the vacuum to work along the curves around the pool. The bumper ring also adds a better guard that keeps friction from developing as the unit moves along.

The best part of the cleaner is that it pulls water from the bottom part of the pool while cleaning it out. The water will circulate well while ensuring the pool will remain clean and comfortable.


  • Can be installed with a pump hose in a few moments
  • Simple interface for functionality
  • Light in weight

  • May take a bit for the cleaner to move around
  • The battery power may wear out after a bit of time


3. Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50The Aquabot is a robotic cleaner for above ground and in-ground pools alike. The design uses two brushes to clean off the pool. The first brush agitates the dirt. The second will clear the stain from the surface.

A filter basket is included to clear out the dirt while it is broken apart and loosened. The design ensures the cleaner will take care of even the toughest stains and dirt materials around the surface.

A top filter is included on this cleaner. The filter can be opened and cleaned out as needed.

The fast functionality of the Pool Rover makes it a popular choice. The cleaner can handle about 80 gallons of water in a minute. The filtration allows the device to work in moments.

A 50-foot cable is also included with this cleaner. The cable is long enough to move the cleaner through more spaces in the pool.


  • Handles curves with a six-inch radius
  • The plug and play design lets you start the cleaner in moments
  • Safe to operate

  • The filter can become clogged in moments
  • Weighs more than most other models


Manual Choices


4. Pentair Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool CleanerYou can also look for manually-operated above ground pool cleaners for your use. This Pentair model offers a design with two bristles that clean off the debris from your pool. The bristles link up to a vacuum that clears out the dirt and other items that the vacuum takes in.

The attractive look of this Pentair cleaner is appealing, what with it offering a fun shark style. But the 10-inch path that the model works with provides you with more than enough power for your cleaning needs, thus making this ideal for clearing out greater amounts of space.

The intriguing design of the cleaner works with only one moving part. That part links to the bristles.

You can also get a hose added to the top part of the cleaner in moments. You do not require any difficult tools or fittings that are hard to set up.


  • The bristles move around evenly and quickly
  • The wide path clears out more items at a time
  • The two layers of bristles cover more dirt materials

  • The hose needs to be long enough for use
  • The vacuum can become clogged quickly depending on how dirty the pool is


5. Water Tech Park Pool Blaster Aqua Broom Pool Vacuum

Water Tech Park Pool Blaster Aqua Broom Pool VacuumYour next manual option words more of a basic vacuum material. You can get this to work around the floor of your pool as you use it even when the pool is filled with water.

The unit comes with a telescopic pole that can be adjusted to two to four feet in length, thus giving you more control over the vacuum and how you move it around in the water.

The lightweight design of this vacuum is made possible by how this is a battery-powered unit. The vacuum can work for about three hours on the same batteries, although it should not take much time for you to get the vacuum to work around your pool.

The vacuum head is about six inches in width. You should make this work well for clearing out more materials.


  • Does not require a cord or hose for use
  • Easy to clear out the vacuum bag area
  • A swivel flashlight material helps you identify what’s in the deepest spots of your pool

  • Needs five D batteries for the unit to work
  • The vacuum bag is small in size


Additional Details

Tips For Use

There are a few tips to note when using a good pool cleaner in your home:

1. Be sure to use your pool cleaner once a week for the best results. It is easier for the cleaner to work when you use it every week as the pool will not be at risk of taking in too much debris.

2. Test the chlorine and pH levels a few times each week. It may be easier for you to clean off the pool when those levels are steady. Chlorine may be added if needed to neutralize any algae or other compounds that might enter into your pool.

3. Review how well the filter in your cleaner works. You might have to remove the filter once or twice during the cleaning process depending on what you are cleaning out.

4. Review how well the bristles on the cleaner are laid out. The bristles should be soft yet firm so they can move along your pool surface. Any bristles that have debris stuck in them should be cleaned out. You may also need to replace some surfaces in your cleaner if the bristles are worn out or ratted; those might be at risk of tearing up your pool surface.

5. Check on the walls and floor of your pool to see that these parts are still intact. These surfaces should not be at risk of being scraped or worn out prematurely.

6. Look at the power source for your cleaner. Most models require you to work with a basic body.

Maintenance Ideas

You can use some extra ideas for getting your above ground pool maintained correctly:

1. A pool vacuum can double as a main drain if your water is cloudy or is tough to clean out on its own. You would have to replace the water in your pool more often, although this should not be hard to plan out.

2. Clean tennis balls may be added in a sack to the water to clear out oils. The balls can remove oils like the natural oils the body produces or anything from a suntan lotion. The cleanup process allows the water to be easier to maintain.

3. A baking soda material can be used to clean off some tiles or other surfaces around the pool. You would have to clear out the water first and then apply the baking soda directly onto the surface.

Resolving Common Difficulties

You can use a few points for resolving the problems you come across when getting your above ground pool cleaner ready:

What should you do when the filter appears to be clogged up regularly?

In most cases, the filter might be clogged up really fast because you are not cleaning your pool regularly. You might need to clean out the pool a little more often to keep the filter from being at risk of clogging up too soon next time.

What if the pool cleaner is not moving quickly enough?

Review the pump basket and the filter to see if there are any obstructions. A blockage may cause the cleaner to stop working properly.

What if the pool cleaner does not target the entire pool?

You might not have a long enough hose or wire for your cleaning needs.

The pool runs up the wall more often than needed. What is the issue?

There may be too much suction produced by the pool cleaner. You would have to turn the suction level down on the cleaner so it will not be likely to run up the walls too much.

Our Final Choice

We have determined that the best above ground pool cleaner for general cleaning needs is the Aquabot Pool Rover.

The robotic cleaner gives you more control over your cleaning efforts while filtering out a large amount of water. The simple interface and the easy maintenance points around the surface produce a better setup for handling the pool. It can work in moments while also moving around many curved surfaces inside your above ground pool.

This is the best option, but each choice listed above offers different qualities for your use. You can get a best pool cleaner running in a few moments to keep your pool safe and comfortable. But you should look around to see how different cleaners are designed for your needs.

An above ground pool cleaner will ensure your investment stays comfortable and sanitary, thus giving you and others years of enjoyment. You’re going to need a useful cleaner that is not hard to utilize. Whether you wish to use an automatic or manual model, you have to know what will work with your cleaner. Good luck in your search for finding a cleaner that fits your needs.


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