Intex Ultra Frame Pools are More Fun than Ever

Intex Ultra Frame Swimming reviews

Swimming Pools are Fun

Especially when they are in your own backyard. You can enjoy them on a very hot summer day. There is no need to worry about health risks that come with public swimming pools. You maintain and control the environment of your own swimming pool.

We know that there is no better way to relax than to come home from a hard day and take a midnight swim. Our Intex ultra frame rectangular pool reviews will help you reach that pinnacle of midnight relaxation.

Keep reading to find out which Intex ultra frame pools are the best. The good ones always rise to the top of the heap. Don’t judge a pool by its cover. Learn the facts first before buying.

Why an Intex Ultra Frame Pool

There are a number of reasons why to purchase one of these pools. Here are a few of them:

  • It is great looking in the backyard
  • It is cheaper than an inground pool
  • Disassembly and storage are easy
  • It will last for years if handled properly

Our Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Reviews

1. Intex 18ft X 9ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set 

INTEX 18FT X 9FT X 52IN ULTRA FRAME RECTANGULAR POOL SETThe old pools and their troubles are a thing of the past. They have given way to the new modern design that simply snaps together and looks good. The strong steel frame is powder coated which helps it to resist rust and other damage.

It only takes about 60 minutes to put together this 18ft X 9ft X 52in pool. If the assembly is done right the pool will hold up to 4545 gallons of water. The easy to follow instruction manual and DVD will guide you in the correct way to assemble your new pool.

Other features that are included are the filter pump and saltwater system, a pool ladder, ground cloth, debris cover, and a maintenance kit.

Drainage is a snap as the drain plug fits most standard garden hoses. Plus, the dual suction outlets keep the water circulating. This action helps with water hygiene and keeps the water clear.


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Holds 8400 gallons of water
  • Volleyball set

  • Hidden costs
  • Pump may be too small for water capacity

2. Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Set

Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool SetIf you have the extra room, you may want to try this 32ft X 16ft X 52inintex ultra frame pool. The same powdered coated steel frame that I son the smaller size described above is in this version.

It may take you 90 minutes or a little longer to set-up. It all depends upon your mechanical skills. If you follow the included instruction manual and the handy DVD you may save yourself a lot of trouble.

Because of its weight and all the pieces included this item may ship in several boxes. Do an inventory check before beginning your set-up. This version also comes with the standard Intex features. A filter pump, salt water system, debris cover, ground cloth, pool ladder, and maintenance kit. Of course, the coveted volleyball set is also included in the package.

The PVC laminated walls provide all the strength and durability you need to hold the approx. 14,400 gallons of water. The pool can hold more water, but this is the recommended amount. Also, there is the dual suction system which keeps the water clear and hygienic.


  • Dual suction system
  • The accessories
  • The coveted volleyball set

  • Some construction quality issues
  • Some quality control issues

3. Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set 

Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set One thing that you always need to remember when you purchase an above ground pool. Never set them up on sand, mud or any other loose dirt. You will have nothing but problems if you do.

The difference between this 24’x 12’x 52”-pool from the other one is its improved quality and strength. This luxury model also includes a filter pump with GFCI rating, handles 1,600 gallons per hour and runs off a standard 120 v electrical source.

To make draining easier and safer, the drain plug hooks up to the standard garden hose. You control where the water goes. To assemble, all you have to do is lay out the pool liner and fit the frame to it. Then fill with water. Simple and easy.

The standard features that are found in the other pools are included in this package. But best of all, it also includes a volleyball set. You can enjoy hours of fun playing volleyball as you enjoy your pool.

Make sure you have about 6 feet of clearance surrounding the pool for better enjoyment and safety.


  • GFCI rating
  • Convenient and easy to control draining
  • Accessories

  • Inefficient pumping
  • Inadequate chemical dispersal

Assembling Your Intex Ultra Frame Pool

Assembling is important. If you do not get it right, you waste a lot of water and money. Here are some tips to help you assemble your new pool correctly

  • Make sure the ground is swept clean of all debris
  • Level the ground where the pool is going to go
  • Lay down a ground cloth for extra protection
  • Give yourself at least 6 feet of space from any obstruction or building
  • Follow the instruction manual and use the DVD guide.
  • The pieces snap together and use the pool ladder to smooth out the wrinkles before filling with water
  • Attach the drain valves and the filter pump before putting water in the pool
  • Test the water- make sure you have the correct chemical balance

Maintaining Your Intex Pool

Maintaining and cleaning your Intex pool is very simple. If you do not already have one all you need is a pool shaft that telescopes, vacuum cleaner, and skimmer. If you have these then you are good to go.

To keep the pool hygienic, make sure you disperse the correct amount of chemicals throughout the pool. Check your instruction manual or call the company for the correct chemicals to use and ratios.

Some Pool Safety Ideas

To complete your enjoyment of your Intex ultra frame pool here are a few safety tips you should follow:

  • Remove the ladder from the pool when not in use
  • Make sure someone is always monitoring the pool when in use
  • Learn how to swim
  • Put a fence around the pool
  • Learn mouth to mouth and other life-saving techniques
  • Don’t play with the drain
FAQ About Intex Ultra Frame Above Ground Pool
  1. How to backwash an Intex above ground Ultra pool filter.

Answer: To backwash your pool filter, you first need to shut off your pump. Then you proceed to roll out your backwash hose. You next turn the multiport valve handle. This should start the backwash process, you then proceed to turn on the pump. Allow water to flow out backwash pipe. Close pump, and turn the valve back to filter. You then turn on the filter.

  1. How to drain water from the Intex above ground pool.

Answer: You can empty your pool using the drain plug. If you want to direct the water from the pool to somewhere else, then you can connect a hose to the drain plug and dispose the water to your desired location. If you want to completely clear all water in the pool, then you use a vacuum pump to drain the remaining water. You should use the vacuum while standing outside. You can dry the insides of the pool by getting inside and mopping the insides until it dries up.

  1. What is the weight limit of the pool ladder?

Answer: The weight limit of this pool is 250lb.

  1. Can I put a dog in it?

Answer: Yes

  1. Does the pool come with a skimmer?

Answer: No. you would have to buy it separately.

  1. Does it come with a sand for the pump?

Answer: No. you can, however, buy pool sand at any pool supply store.

  1. How much room do I need on each side of the pool?

Answer: It needs about 19’10 x 10’10”.

Some Final Words

Swimming pools can be a lot of fun but one tragic accident can ruin that fun forever. Be safe and practice good pool safety when you assemble your Intex ultra frame pool.

We did not do any Intex inflatable pool reviews this time but maybe next time. There is only so much room in these reviews. Our Intex ultra frame pool review could only focus on the rectangular pools.

Don’t worry, the same great quality that goes into the rectangular ultra-frame pools is included in all inflatable pools by Intex. No matter which Intex pool you purchase, you will get hours of fun. Including using the coveted volleyball set. These pools are designed to give you lots of fun for years to come.



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