Your Guide to Your Dream One Person Inflatable Hot Tub

We love to take bath and when it comes to hot tub bath then it gets close to that natural feeling of bathing in a pond or lake under the beaming sunshine. That feeling is just awesome. But sometimes it may happen that the outside whether are not so in tune with our mood and body requirement.

Chilling winds and excessive heat may make it impossible to sit outside even for a second. Therefore the best option in such case is one person inflatable hot tub. There are many things that you will need to consider before moving on with the idea of the small inflatable hot tub.

Pros and Cons of Small Inflatable Hot Tub

Just like anything in this world, this small tub has their own advantage and disadvantage and therefore, you should weigh all the options before thinking of buying a one.


  • Your house your rule: The biggest advantage that you get with anything indoor is the touch of privacy that you can enjoy without any hassles.
  • No tension of weather: Indoor tub can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Unlike your outdoor counterpart, you can take the same calming bath during chilling winter or during exhausting summer.
  • You can take it anywhere: The biggest advantage that you get is that you can enjoy your bath wherever you like. There is no restriction of place.
  • Can be easily stored: Since it is inflatable you can easily install it wherever you like it. All this save the area of your house which otherwise gets used up by permanent indoor tubs.

Cons:one person inflatable hot tub

  • Chances of rupture: There is some chance that it may get ruptured during its operation. In case it happens then those gallons of gallons of water will spread across your room and put you in disastrous position of handling the problem.
  • No filter or pump arrangement: In the case of attached tub, the filter and pumps are available which makes the water maintenance free. But in this case, you will have to handle water management manually.
  • Limited by number: The more the people that a pool will accommodate the more the hassle from a maintenance point of view.

Make Sure to Follow this Before Purchasing

1. Placement choice: The choice of placing the pool must be solid and have a strong foundation since the place will handle the weight of water and you together.

2. Spillage control: Make sure that the area should be wide enough to compensate for the draining and spillage problem. Water spills when you come in and come out of the tub. So you need to make sure that it does not create a problem for nearby objects.

3. Water system: You should already make out plans for an effective way of filling the tab and then draining the water out when work finishes.

4. Moisture control: Moisture should be well controlled and allow for an enjoyable atmosphere. Use ventilator and fans to control the room temperature.

5. Odors are a strict no: You should use a different system to capture the pungent smell and spread aromatic smell to make bathing a pleasurable experience.

6. Surrounding area: The surrounding area should be such so as to allow for a better experience for bathing. It means that the place should be well ventilated and at the same time, the floor surrounding the tub should be such so that it can be easily is dried.

7. Anti-spill floor: The best thing you can choose for is to for an anti-slip floor since they provide the necessary traction in case of water spills and you can avoid the dangers of any accidents.

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