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Here is something interesting for all spa lovers- Portable Spa N A Box. This is an innovative and enticing product, with features uncommon and amazing. It consists of numerous massaging air jets for an awesome massaging experience. Its temperature is adjustable and can go up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a seating capacity of up to four adults. So you can share your relax time with your family and friends.

Portable Spa N A boxThe product claims to be the first completely portable spa and supports UPS connection. With Spa N A box at your home, you do not need to run to a massage parlor or spa saloon to get yourself some refreshing experience; you just need to walk a few feet to your backyard.

Key Features of Portable Spa N A Box Hot Tub

Convenient and Good Looking

With its pleasant looks, it can go well with your home’s exterior. It comes in a cherry wood touch with black edges finishing. Simply, it looks pretty cool. It is quite easy to use and no special wire or plumbing is required.

There are around 100 air jets present in it to give your body a relaxing, luxurious massage. It is designed exceptionally to provide you a tremendous spa experience and soothe your muscles. Moreover, you can set it up anywhere you need, as and when you think you need a portable spa.

The only thing a bit off with this product is that it takes a bit long to heat up the water. But once it reaches the desired temperature, you can maintain it as per your preference.


It is among the coolest features of this product. You can set it up anywhere as per your convenience and preference. Moreover, it supports USB connection, which means you can easily carry it with you even in a trip to the desert!


Portable Spa N A Box has amazing durability. Its sturdiness is one of the most appreciated features of this product. It has a good filtration system with a filter that can last 6-10 months, depending upon the frequency of use. The tub can hold almost 300 gallons of water. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 4 adults (though, we recommend two or three) without any trouble.

Easy to Assemble

Setting this awesome thing up is a kid’s play. You will get easy to understand guide and instructions with the product. Anyone can set this up quickly within 30-40 minutes. No extra tools or expert help is required to get this started. Plus, if you face any kind of difficulty in assembling the spa, a wonderful customer care team of comfort line is waiting to be at your service. You can dial them and they will guide you right away.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Question: How much space do I need for the Spa-N-A-Box?
Answer: You will require a minimum area of around 8 feet by 8 feet in order to accommodate the Spa-N-Box properly. You will definitely not prefer spa stuff in a congested place.

Question: How long does it take to set this up?

Answer: It hardly takes 30- 50 minutes to set this up, if you follow the instructions just right. You can always call customer support cell

Question: How long does the Spa-N-A-Box take to heat?

Answer: That would depend upon how cold the initial water fill is. I would suggest you fill with warm water the first time so as to avoid the delay; everyone wants to use a new buy as soon as possible! The heat up rate offered is 1-2 degrees F per hour the first time you fill water in it. Once the water reaches the set point, it will maintain the temperature you prefer and desire.

Question: How long does the filter last?
Answer: The filter lasts six to ten months depending on the frequency of spa use. I suggest you cleaning the filter at least twice a month if not weekly.

Final Verdicts

So basically, Spa N A box is packed with cool convenience features to offer you splendid and relaxing experience. If you overlook the drawback of slow heating, it works pretty well. The features that it offers at its price is simply awesome. Do you think it can be any better or simpler? Well, you’re probably at mistake. This is perhaps an easy and pocket-friendly way to soothe you anytime. This easy to set up spa can turn your backyard or patio into a rejuvenating escape. This is all you need to have yourself relaxed, grab one now!

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