Save Money with this 6 Energy Saving Hacks


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Every household is on the lookout to save on electricity, heating costs, and air conditioning bill can give us a headache during bills payment. With the start of a new year or a new season brings forth that opportunity of finding ways to save money and energy. Here we have a few simple hacks that can improve energy efficiency as well as the comfort of your home.

  1. Using Energy-Efficient Bulbs

You can brighten up your home using the same amount of light but for much lesser costs. Each household on an average dedicates 5% of its budget towards lighting. We can save the most amount of money if we switch out to Energy Efficient light bulbs with the lamps and light fixtures that we use at home. A light and lamp fixture company that you can check out for more information on their energy saving lights is Lamptwist.

  1.  Dressing up your Windows

Window coverings or treatments are not just for decorations but is also for saving energy. They are a careful selection of window treatments that reduce heat loss during the winter and heat gain for the summer. On a side note though this treatment is not effective in reducing infiltration or air leakage. One would need to weatherstrip around windows to be able to cut air leakage.

  1. Aircon checkups

Just like a human, air conditioner needs to be checked also. The unit’s performance may decline due to dirt and dust it’s absorbing. Ensure to service your air conditioner. Constant maintenance such as replacing and cleaning the air filters will lower down your cooling system’s energy consumption up to 15 percent. Annually the air conditioner’s evaporator coil will also need cleaning to make sure that the system is performing at excellent levels.

  1. Ceiling fans for wide coverage

Use your ceiling fans. Cooling down with ceiling fans will considerably lower down a households electricity bill and comfort will not be sacrificed as it still will be in place. When air blows down towards the ground, it helps cool down a room. Using this over your AC from time to time is a definite way to save you money.

  1. Going with thermal

Invest in thermal lined winter curtains. The biggest benefit of such curtains is that they help prevent the loss of heat through your windows. Data also shows that the amount of heat loss that is prevented is at 14% and when combined with double glazing heavy curtains it goes up to 66% of heat loss prevented.

  1. The Sun will Help

Use the blessing of the sun. Solar energy is becoming popular now as a source of power. During daylight hours invited sunlight inside your home, turn off artificial lights and use your skylight or windows to bring light to your home.

Conclusion: Saving energy doesn’t require giving up your comfort just to lower down the energy bills. There are minor changes and adjustments, but the rewards and the difference on the energy bill are big.Not only we are saving our own money and invest in something but we are also helping save the earth through going green and natural.

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