Hot Tub Enclosures For Winter Use 2019

A hot tub can be a great item to have outside your home.

You will love relaxing in your hot tub during the winter season. Just imagine enjoying the warm water along with your body as you see the snow around the area.

Your hot tub could make for a great conversation piece during the winter season too, what with it being a nice place for people to congregate around.

But you must watch for how well the hot tub is kept secure when you’re not using it.

Best Hot Tub Enclosures For Using in Winter

The good news is that there are many hot tub enclosures for winter that you can use. Such enclosures are designed to keep the hot tub covered after you use it even for an above ground pool.

You don’t have to remove the water from the hot tub; you only have to keep the cover on correctly so the water will not become dirty or possibly lost.

There are many choices to see when finding hot tub winter cover caps. You can find many options that are easy to install and remove. These include choices that insulate the inside of the hot tub well.

Don’t forget to look at how well some of these covers can fit around a surface based on how large or small it is.

What To Look At?

You can find many hot tub enclosures for winter needs, but you should look at a few points when finding one:

tips for using hot tub in winter See how well the hot tub cover can fit over your specific tub. Some models are designed to support tubs of many shapes and sizes with a certain limit over how large the tub can be. Other covers can only fit a very specific size or shape.

• Look at the tapers and other fastening materials on the ends of the hot tub. The tapers should fit well on the ends of the tub while keeping a good seal.

See how much of an overhang is included on the ends of the cover. You must have an overhang to create a better seal over the inside part of the tub.

Check out the warranty on the enclosure. Many models have warranties of at least five years.

Review the material the enclosure is made with. Some models are designed with sturdy vinyl materials. Insulating compounds may be found in a tub enclosure as well.

The enclosure should also support the warm temperatures produced by the hot tub. The enclosure should not be at risk of warping or experiencing premature fatigue due to the heat.

Look at the ends to see how well certain handles, hems, or other features for securing the enclosure are laid out. The ends might be flexible enough to fit around your hot tub, but you should look at how well a fit may be produced on your tub.

Air vents should be found around the corners of the hot tub. The vents will allow warm air to move through the cover, thus keeping condensation or other common problems from developing when getting the tub covered.

Choosing the right hot tub cover is critical to your success in keeping comfortable during the winter season. You must know what you will get for your hot tub so you have something that feels its best and works well for your winter demands.

What About Something Larger?

It is true that some people consider larger cabins or gazebos when it comes to hot tub enclosures. After all, these are materials that can add a nice decorative material and in some cases an indoor space for the hot tub.

But the enclosures you are going to read about here are designed to fit directly over your hot tub. That is, they are covers designed to seal the warm air and water in the hot tub away from the cold conditions outside.

You need to get such a cover to keep your hot tub relaxing. The cover will prevent the cold air in the winter from moving into the tub all that much. More importantly, the cover ensures that you will have the tub ready for use when needed during the winter.

You should still check on how well the water is laid out and that it is safe to use after removing the cover, although that cover should offer some sense of protection for the water.

Best Hot Tub Enclosures for Winter

Your choices for a winter hot tub enclosure can include many options. Let’s look at a few of the best options you can find when getting hot tub enclosures for winter needs:

1. MySpaCover Hot Tub Cover

MySpaCover Hot Tub CoverThe first option to use is this MySpaCover model that is very versatile. Specifically, the company makes custom-built covers for specific models. You can order a cover from MySpaCover that is up to 96 inches long on each side. You only have to let the company know what size you need or let them know the specific hot tub model you are using so they can get a better reference for what you need. The MySpaCover hot tub cover can also be found in one of ten colors.

Sturdy marine vinyl is used to keep the cover firm and thick. The vinyl is paired with insulating foam to keep the warm air inside the hot tub from escaping.

A six-inch overhang is also included on all ends. The overhang works with a few small securing points that will latch onto the ends of the tub. You will have to review the spots on the tub where the securing straps can be applied to. After that, the cover should fit well over the tub in moments.


  • Easy to order a unique cover shape
  • Offers a five-year warranty
  • The vinyl body prevents sunlight from entering into the hot tub

  • Takes a bit for your cover to be delivered if you order it
  • Needs to be washed off regularly to keep the cover from wearing out early

2. ULT Cover Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover

ULT Cover Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub CoverAnother of the hot tub winter cover caps for you to find is this ULT Cover model. You can order this in an 85 or 95-inch square size with each also offering a 20-inch height for full coverage over your hot tub.

The 600D polyester canvas material includes a vinyl backing. The two surfaces not only keep warm air in, but also block UV rays from entering into the hot tub.

A few air vents can be found around the corners. The vent will stay open to keep the cover intact while preventing possible wind lofting from developing. The risk of mildew growing within the hot tub will be reduced thanks to this feature.

The hem cord on the sides is fully adjustable. You can control this to get a better fit around the body of the hot tub. When used right, the hot tub will stay warm and be at less of a risk of allowing cold air to move in too soon.


  • A lightweight model at a little under ten pounds
  • Does well with hot tubs made with both wood materials and plastic or polymer items
  • Easy to open up when affixed correctly

  • The five-year warranty seems short
  • Needs to be added precisely to allow the cover to stay on without blowing off

3. Classic Accessories 55-585-011501-00 Verdana Square Hot Tub Cover

Classic Accessories 55-585-011501-00 Verdana Square Hot Tub CoverYou can use this enclosure from Classic Accessories to keep your hot tub covered. You can get a medium-size model that is 86 inches on each side or a large unit with 96 inches to a side.

The woven polyester fabric on this cover is similar to what Classic Accessories uses for many of its other covers for different products. The polyester material will repel water well and resist many materials that might get on its body. Air vents are included on the sides to keep condensation from forming.

The handles on the sides allow you to remove the cover off of the hot tub in a few moments. The hem also includes an adjustable body that lets you produce a better fit all around.


  • The fabric repels moisture well and wicks it off
  • The air vents are consistently kept open without them risking tears
  • The overhang on the sides is long enough to ensure a better fit

  • The warranty only lasts for three years
  • There are no guide lines or features around the cover for installation use

4. Budge All-Seasons Square Hot Tub Cover

Budge All-Seasons Square Hot Tub CoverBudge promotes this hot tub enclosure is being a good choice for all seasons, although this model works best in the winter season like most others. The unit comes in an 86 or 95-inch square size with a 14-inch height for keeping a better grip around the hot tub.

The elastic hem on the ends conforms to the body of the hot tub. The hem will not blow off even when the conditions become rather windy. A series of straps are also sewn into the ends to allow you to remove the cover in moments.

Polypropylene is included on the body of the hot tub cover. The compound is popular for being thick while resisting moisture well.


  • The breathable fabric keeps mildew and mold from developing
  • Light in weight at only a few pounds
  • The surface is nonabrasive

  • You might need to get someone to help you add and remove this model
  • The individual layers might tear from ice exposure

5. Cover Guard Hot Tub Cover

Cover Guard Hot Tub CoverCover Guard makes many basic hot tub covers in various sizes. You can get choices that are around seven to ten feet to a side from Cover Guard. Some of the models Cover Guard makes are also designed with oval and rectangular bodies.

A woven polyurethane body is used on this hot tub cover to provide a better seal over the unit. The cover keeps UV rays out while retaining the heat inside the hot tub during the winter.

A 12-inch height is also included on the cover. The height is enough to allow the cover to keep a better grip around the surface, thus ensuring there are no risks that may come with the setup.


  • Offers a waterproof design
  • Creates a better seal around the ends of the surface
  • Keeps mildew from developing in the area

  • The air vents are not easily visible
  • Tough to add and remove

6. Sonshine Products Spa Cover Cap Thermal Spa Cover Protector

Sonshine Products Spa Cover Cap Thermal Spa Cover ProtectorYou can use this as a thermal spa cover that is about eight feet in length on each side. The 12-inch height of the cover creates a good fit. The flexible bands around the ends keep a good fit over a compatible spa. You can even get this added over another existing cover you are using on your spa if needed.

The polyethylene body of the spa cover protector ensures that the compound adds a good seal. The design is thick enough to keep a good body without being hard to install or set up in any form.

The outside surface is also heavily reflective. Specifically, it reflects the sun’s rays more than anything else. The cover can also work well on moisture too, thus making it a good choice for the winter season.


  • Protects the inside of the hot tub from UV rays
  • Simple installation process
  • The greater height works on many flexible spas

  • The spa needs to be of the correct size for this to work
  • A little heavier than most other covers

Extra Tips For Use

You must use a few extra tips for using a hot tub in the winter season:

The proper water temperature for the winter season should be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The water can be up to 100 to 104 degrees if possible. The best thing to do is to keep the water temperature a little warmer than the average body temperature of 98.6 degrees.

Review the water level and make sure the water is high enough based on the fill line. Your enclosure may stick onto the water to create a better fit while also insulating the inside area.

While you can use the jets around the hot tub during the winter, you should avoid adding using them as often as you would during the spring and summer seasons.

Check on how clean the water is after you remove the enclosure from the hot tub. The water might have to be drained out if you notice any debris or anything else unusual within the pool.

But Why Use?

You might be curious as to why you would want to use a hot tub in the winter. Well, there are many perfectly sensible reasons as to why you should use a hot tub during this time:

  • The warm air produced by your hot tub will be more effective than anything the heating system around your home may produce.
  • The hot tub works with hydrotherapy purposes in mind. You can soak your body in a hot tub before exercising during the winter to keep your joints from straining or pulling. You can also get into your hot tub after working out to relax any stiffness you feel.
  • The hot tub is particularly great for socializing purposes. You can invite your friends over to your hot tub during the winter for a bit of relaxation.

Safety Points

Be sure when getting the hot tub cover ready that you look at how well the cover is organized and that the surface will not be at risk of slipping off. The cover should be secured with the proper bands or ends to keep the cover from slipping off.

Also, try to add some bars or bands around the top part of the cover if possible so you can keep the cover from slipping into the hot tub if an animal or pest gets onto the surface. Check for any tears regularly so those problems can be fixed up right. You must keep everything secured well enough to keep the hot tub safe.


The options you have read about when taking a look at hot tub enclosures for winter use are all attractive and useful, but our overall choice for the best model for your use is the MySpaCover hot tub cover.

This model is best for how it offers not only a simple installation process but also a sturdy body that keeps the hot tub comfortable without risking warm air moving out of the spot. The design can also be planned in one of many shapes depending on the specific hot tub you need a cover for.

You will benefit from having a useful hot tub enclosure during the winter season. You need a great enclosure to ensure the hot tub will stay comfortable and will not be at risk of harm.

Take a look at how well a hot tub can work with a nice cover that is easy to apply and adds a comfortable surface that ensures the hot tub will not be at risk of harm from outside impacts.

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