Embassy Pools Reviews Include Pros, Cons & Relevant Buying Guide

Most above-ground pools that are being sold are optimized for durability and quality performance. There are just a few pool brands that are successfully able to match an exquisite look with impressive functionality, and Embassy Pool definitely ranks high on that list.

Embassy Pool Reviews

It is not uncommon for an above-ground pool to have a bland look even though it performs its principal function without any hindrance. Embassy Pools have, however, incorporated aesthetics to consolidate an already robust functionality to appeal to an increasing number of buyers looking for a pool.

Embassy Pools Reviews shed more light on the models of the pool-set that are garnering lots of accolades from buyers and pool experts. If you’ve decided to settle for this brand, then the next dilemma you will probably face is choosing which of the variants will perfectly blend with your yard at home.

The variants of the Embassy Pool don’t only differ from one another in terms of size; each one also has an aesthetic signature that is characteristic to it. A break-down, however, of each model is sure to give a clear direction on which would suit your home.


EMBASSY POOL 4-1800 PARA100This incredibly looking pool set is an ideal fit for homes that lack in-ground swimming pool but have enough yard space to accommodate an above-ground alternative. Round in shape and beautifully designed like a water fountain, the Embassy Pool 4-1800 is the perfect swimming equipment for individuals with a distinct taste and an affinity for exquisiteness.


Composed principally of rugged, baked enamel steel, the Embassy pool is a robust spectacle that makes the warm summer months not just tolerable but also very exciting. Its large width and depth make it a practical pool for a variety of water activities and sports, and its impenetrable inner wall also guarantees the safety of the pool’s occupant.


The rugged enamel steel, which is made up of 9” top rails that whirl around the pool’s diameter and vertical rails that run down at different areas of the pool’s exterior surface, is the backbone of the pool’s structure as well as its design.

Linking these steel rails are resin top collectors that are taupe-colored. The wall of the Embassy Pool is also made of steel that has been galvanized with copper.

The integrity of the pool is maintained by a staggered bolt wall closure, which helps to provide minimum strength as well as stability.


  • It is an exquisite pool that offers top-quality solutions to your pool needs
  • It helps to beautify the yard and hence increases the overall value of your home

  • It is quite expensive
  • Its setup is laborious


EMBASSY POOL 4-1500 PARA100This is a more compact variant of the Embassy pool that serves as an ideal alternative to conventional in-ground swimming pools, which are expensive to install and maintain. While it’s more robust relatively, the Embassy Pool 4-1800 PARA100 is a better fit for homes with medium and large yards. The Embassy Pool 4-1500 PARA100 can be installed in smaller yards without impeding movement and ruining the yard’s aesthetics.


Even with its reduced size, the pool set can still comfortably accommodate multiple people without being overcrowded. A perfect inclusion to a suburban home, the pool plays a valid role in the beautification of a property’s exterior.


Like other variants, it is composed of top rails that arch around the pool and vertical steel rails that run down the sides.

It is equipped with resin top connectors that are taupe-colored

Its steel wall is coated with galvanized copper.


  • It is visually alluring and helps optimize the aesthetics of the yard
  • It is an ideal pool for fun water activities

  • Setting up the Embassy Pool 4-1500 can be energy-consuming
  • It is also quite pricey for its compact size


EMBASSY POOL 4-2400 PARA100This community-style pool set is massive and can be used as an in-ground swimming pool alternative in a mansion that has a huge yard. Measuring an astronomical 24-Feet by 52-Inch, it can comfortably accommodate more than a dozen people without any issue and is the best option for a pool party if an in-ground pool is unavailable.



The structural backbone of the Embassy Pool 4-2400 PARA100 is made up of 9” top rails that are wrapped around the entirety of the pool and multiple vertical rails that adhere to the exterior.

Like other variants of the Embassy Pool set, the steel wall is coated with galvanized copper.


  • It is a visual spectacle that improves the overall aesthetics of the yard
  • It can accommodate a lot of people
  • Its width and depth make it suitable for several pool activities

  • It is quite expensive
  • Setting it up takes a lot of time and effort.

FAQ— Embassy Above Ground Pools


  1. Is this ground pool compatible with salt water?

Some Embassy above ground pool is compatible with salt water. Usually, Embassy above ground pool that is compatible with salt water are indicated in the product description. Be sure to check the product description when you want to purchase a saltwater Embassy above ground pool.

  1. Can this pool be left with chemicals for the Winter?

Ideally, the best way to store Embassy above ground pools during the Winter is to leave some amount of water in the pool to prevent it from cracking due to the snow. You should also cover your pool with a pool cover. This will increase the lifespan of your pool.

  1. How thick is the liner?

Embassy pool liners are made from heavy vinyl material and they are usually heavier and thicker than most other pool liners. They are also flexible.


Final Verdict

It is vital that you assess each Embassy Pool variant properly before making your final decision. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a product that is useful but just doesn’t fit your home.

While the size of your yard should be taken into account, you should also not neglect the overall aesthetics of your home before buying this design-altering facility.

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