How To Treat Your Inflatable Hot Tub?


How To Maintain a Hot Tub & Treat Inflatable Hot Tub


When you have a hot tub it is but natural that you need to protect it and maintain it so that you will be able to enjoy it for a long time.  The right way to treat your inflatable hot tub is as below:

1. You need to regularly empty it and keep it clean. You do not need to keep it continually filled like other hot tubs. Every 3 – 4 weeks, drain the hot tub or else if there are specific instructions regarding your specific type of portable spa, follow those.

2. Sanitising the water is necessary as well. You can sanitise the water by using sanitising solution in the tub. Do this before use and if it is not in use, then do it on weekly basis.

3. You need to realise that the chemical levels in the water need to be adjusted constantly so that dissolved solids which accumulate can be reduced. You should also test the water for pH and alkalinity. The hot tubs usually come with testing kits. you can adjust pH and alkalinity with tablets which the water balancing kit contains. The water should be in the range of 7.4 – 7. The reason is that if the water is acidic or the pH is low, it damages the vinyl and can degrade the tub. pH testing should be carried out weekly.

4. After changing the water, you must refill it with softened water. This will prevent the filters from overworking. Ultimately, it will reduce the cost of the maintenance of the tub.

5. once you empty the tub, clean out all the surfaces with a soft cloth and warm water which is soapy. You should not use abrasive cleaners as well and should always rinse the pool so as to wash off the soapy water. The tub should be hosed till no bubbles of soap are seen. After it is completely dried, you should fold and store it away. Otherwise, there are chances of mildew and mould forming.

6. If you want to ensure the lifespan of the filters increase, you should always shower or bathe before you use the hot tub. You should also wear your sandals or shoes till you reach the tub – else debris will get into the tub. This will keep the quality of the water good and that too without using chemicals.

You can keep the filter clean by wiping away the debris using a paper towel and by running tap water over the filter. Keep filter under check when leaves, grass or debris are in the hot tubs. Usually, the filters of portable hot tubs clog easier than permanent ones.

7. You should also cover the hot tub so that debris does not settle onto the tub. The cover will also ensure the water is warmer longer and the water in the tub will warm up faster. When you cover the tub, water vapour will condense and go back in the tub. So it minimises the calcium and other solids which precipitate out of the water.

8. You should clean the filters regularly based on the instructions of the manufacturer.

9. When you are filling in your tub, first ensure that you put off the thermostat. Ensure that the hot tub breaker is off as well. This is necessary for you to be safe when you are filling the tub and it prevents any issues with regards the tub too.

10. When you put a hose in the tub and the hose is on, you should monitor the filling in the process. Also, check if there are any leaks in the tub. If you find leaks, you should turn off the water so the leak doesn’t get bigger. When the water is higher than the water filter, you should stop the hose. After filing water, flip the breaker and turn on the pump at the highest speed. This allows you to check the jets. If the jets do not have enough air, loosen the screw on the connector. Then start heating the water.

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