Why Do People Prefer Inflatable Tubs Over Non-Inflatable Tubs?

The idea of having a hot tub is surely quite appealing and exciting. After all, what else can offer you the relaxing experience that a hot tub could offer you? Both types of hot tubs- inflatable hot tubs as well as non-inflatable ones have many similarities. However, it is generally observed that people tend to prefer inflatable ones more. Wait! It nowhere means non-inflatable ones are not a good as inflatable ones. They are equally (or more) beneficial, but just for the right users- it is largely dependent on one’s needs. In fact, it might be more convenient for some users. It comes with added features than in the case of inflatable hot tubs. Also, it might be more spacious in comparison to other. Despite these added features and advantages that it offers, the rate of purchase is greater in the case of inflatable hot tubs. Let us get a look at the reason for the same.


No matter what is it that we are buying, the price is something important to consider. In fact, it is the foremost thing to consider for most people. Same is the matter when it comes to hot tubs as well. Non-inflatable ones are more of a luxurious item. Don’t get confused- what I mean is it is far expensive. As stated earlier, non-inflatable ones come with added features. So a higher charge is obvious for it. It is quite bulky to carry (as it cannot be deflated) as well. This implies a greater shipping charge. Combined, it brings you an expensive product than in the case of inflatable ones. Since it can be deflated, the shipping and moving charges are quite less for it. Also, the materials used for its manufacturing is relatively inexpensive. Thus, inflatable tubs are quite affordable ones. So, for most people who are buying within a tight budget, inflatable ones will be the choice.

Convenience and Comfort

inflatable hot tub Vs Non Inflatable Hot tub

Non-inflatable ones are made of hard materials and come with a tough shell for durability. However, this may be inconvenient for some users. The hardness of interior may reduce the comfort that must be there for a hot spa. On the other hand, you can easily find the overall appearance and touch of inflatable tubs quite comfortable. Since we have to pump it with air, it is quite smooth to sit in. It feels more or less like cushions. Moreover, it is made of soft-to-touch materials and not of hard ones, unlike in the case of non-inflatable ones. So when inflatable hot tubs offer greater comfort at relatively inexpensive prices, people would prefer that of course. It would be natural to opt inflatable tubs for once!

Easy to move/relocate

hot tub

Non-inflatable ones are made of hard and bulky materials. It can weigh several hundred pounds or few thousands even without filling it with water! You can naturally imagine how difficult a job it would be to move the tub to somewhere else. Add the transportation cost if you are vacating the place! In contrast, one can simply deflate the inflatable hot tubs, wrap it up and simply carry it anywhere you want to relocate it. It is that easy. For those who are not planning to relocate tub anywhere, non-inflatable ones can be a good option. However, if you vacate frequently or if you have plans to relocate it, you would go for inflatable one. This is yet another reason that people go for inflatable ones. There is no idea when a need to move pops up. So, in such cases, they would find inflatable ones better and easy to handle.


In general, people buy hot tubs for a person or two on an average. Non-inflatable ones come quite bulky. Also, it is generally for 3-4 people. Besides, there is no point in buying a bulky one for a person or two. Inflatable hot tubs may just be the one that people prefer in such cases. Inflatable tubs come in wide varieties and sizes. People get a greater choice for their space. Inflatable one for a person or two can roughly fit anywhere. It can be quite easy and comfortable for two people. Weight and space are one reason that non-inflatable ones sell less and inflatable ones like hot cakes!

Easy maintenance

hot tub maintenance

Non-inflatable hot tubs are made of hard materials and a lot of technical parts. These are accountable for the added features and extra functionalities that a non-inflatable hot tub may offer. However, these added features and functionalities imply greater maintenance requirements. These can cost some handsome bucks after a few years. Those who are with a tight budget would certainly not prefer non-inflatable ones. After all, no average early person would want to break a bank account for hot tub maintenance. Inflatable hot tubs stand in contrast. They require relatively much less maintenance. Even if they breakdown, fixing them would be much more affordable than non-inflatable ones. So this easy maintenance offered by it can be a true attraction for many people.

So, to summarise there are many features that are accountable for a greater sale of inflatable hot tubs. Adding to their low price is low maintenance costs, easy mobility, comfort and convenience. For those who are looking for a comfortable hot tub at affordable prices, inflatable tubs are the ultimate option.

Again, that nowhere would mean non-inflatable ones are less good. Above mentioned are just the reasons why inflatable tubs are more sold. The actual choice would depend on your requirements, purchase budget, maintenance budget and features you expect. If you are up for a luxurious experience, non-inflatable ones can be the option for you.

So, to conclude, both inflatable and non-inflatable ones have their own advantages and disadvantages. While both offer you some great experience, your choice must be on the basis of your requirements.

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